Just Because It's Awesome: Ready, Set, Bag! Movie Trailer Released

There are a lot of food competitions on TV these days. There's Top Chef where the pros fight it out, Top Chef Masters where more pros do the same, but for charity. Hell's Kitchen is for barely ambulatory knuckleheads and rank amateurs competing for (wink wink) an exec chef's job at one of Gordon Ramsay's big-ass restaurants. Food Network more or less survives on hackneyed cooking competitions these days and barely even shows the one good one they used to have: the original Iron Chef. And god only knows what kind of weirdness lurks on the high end of the cable spectrum.

I quit watching cooking shows a while ago when I found that I could simply no longer stomach all the false drama and product placement. But I am totally going to break my fast when the documentary Ready, Set, Bag! hits theaters come August. Why? Because it's about the kind of competition I can really get into.

Grocery bagging.

In Vegas.

Never heard of Ready, Set, Bag!? That's okay. Neither had I until I read about it this morning on Eater. But now, I can't wait to see the thing, and I've got a trailer just waiting for you after the jump.

"Ready, Set, Bag!" HD Trailer from Ensemble Pictures on Vimeo.

Now tell me that didn't look 10,000 times more interesting than you ever thought a documentary about grocery bagging could possibly be...

While the mere existence of this kind of flick is news enough to take us smoothly into our weekends, I can even do you one better. According to the movie's Facebook page there's a screening coming up right here in Seattle that'll be running from August 6th to the 12th.

There's no location listed yet, but you can bet that as soon as I know, you'll know.

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