In-N-Out or Dick's? No Contest, Says Jon Brockman

To the showers? No--straight to Dick's.
Former Husky hoop star Jon Brockman visited the Seattle Times' offices on the occasion of his having signed a three-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks on the heels of a solid rookie season in Sacramento with the NBA's Kings.

Given Brockman's residential tenure in both Sacramento and Seattle, during a live chat with readers, one interrogator thought it appropriate to ask him which famous greasy burger hustler he prefers: Dick's or In-n-Out?

"Dicks by far!" replied Brockman. "I didn't eat at In-n-Out one time while living in California because I have so much love and respect for Dick's Drive-In. I always get a deluxe and two cheeseburgers, one order of fries and a chocolate shake."

If only most American marriages exhibited as much fidelity as the pride of Snohomish.

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