Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Pickles, Whiskey, Robots, Free BBQ and The Waffle House (Though Not All At Once)

Alien sex fungus? No, romanesco
Ah, Friday... With the workweek winding down (for some of us) and the weekend looming, it's time to once again look back fondly and see how we spent our precious time on Voracious this week. Did we report the news? Did we offer solid and well-thought-out opinions? Or did we just spend our days prattling on about robots, wizards and pie.

Let's take a look, shall we?


We started with a coffee happy hour at Nollie's in South Lake Union, then made sex jokes about ribs with "Ribs For Her Pleasure"--a pork rib face-off between Monsoon East and Tavern Law. After that, it was hot dogs, news from Po Dog, pancake-making robots and a discussion of why restaurant owners and chefs should always hire cooks from the Waffle House, no questions asked.

Oh, and I also picked (another) fight with some vegans about BBQ. So yeah, Monday was a good day.

Suck it, tofu

An interview with Matt Fortner from How To Cook A Wolf. News about Grand Central Bakery and Vietnamese delivery food. Cheap eats and overpriced drinks at the Matador. The Seattle Food Geek did terrible things to his fondue set just so he could make indoor s'mores without burning his house down. Surly talked about midgets, orgies and Ventana (though not necessarily in that order). Some of us found out what romanesco was, and what to do with it. There was gin-soaked trivia at the Reading Gaol, a report on the Flying Fish's new home in advance of this week's review of the same, and some wise words from Seattle food writer (and part-owner of Delancey) Molly Wizenberg, speaking about Pizza, her blog Orangette and the French social security system.

Tuesday was a great goddamn day. Wish they could all be like that. But then there's always days like...


Highlights? Seattle's top five u-pick berry farms, pickles, whiskey and the closing of Avila. Yeah, we've had better days. But hey, if you're really into pickles and whiskey, Wednesday was all about you.


When you start the day with a conversation with Delicatus, Egyptian God of Sandwiches, how can things possibly go wrong? Surly found out. But we also had Jen Seaman "Munchen the Valley Fudge in Twisp" (which isn't quite as dirty as it sounds), news on the opening of Hunger in Fremont, tales of collectible Space Needle barware, more than you ever wanted to know about food on sticks or food in stick form, spunk and moxie at the 9 LB Hammer, then closure after closure after closure--that last one being the sad news of the almost inevitable passing of the Buckaroo Tavern come September.

Sad way to end things, but still a full day's work. Which brings us to...


Let's start with free BBQ. Then a report on the Ethiopian food at Cafe Ibex courtesy of our own rolling cafe car, Seattle's light rail system. "Serving Sake to a Serb," the weekly feature wherein Erika Hobart makes her Serbian boyfriend, Slavko, eat weird stuff, came to a close this week with a return to where it all began, Kimchi Bistro. Erika made Slavko eat squid. He loved it. And after that, we wrote about Apolo Ohno in the International District, Tom Douglas, Leonardo DiCaprio and Inception, fishy food porn and stripper beer.

Which, not for nothing, ain't a bad way to wrap up the week. Have a nice weekend, everybody. And we'll see you back here bright and early Monday with a whole new week's worth of news and weirdness.

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