Soon to be prowling a garish hotel ballroom carpet near you
Man, this was a big week in food news. We had all kinds of


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Burning Beasts, Moo Dade Deaw and Another Sign of the Impending Robot Apocalypse

Soon to be prowling a garish hotel ballroom carpet near you
Man, this was a big week in food news. We had all kinds of stuff going on, and in a season where, in most cities, the white jackets are simply keeping their heads down, trying to stay cool and not do anything so weird that it would scare the tourists away.

The week started, as all Modays should, with monkeys and a nice, hot cup of coffee. This was followed by what should also be a Monday ritual: a margarita drinking contest. We pitted Barrio against La Carta de Oaxaca, but you'll have to click the link to see who won.

The bad news was Seattle lost both Huiyona (the Japanese restaurant) and the Jackson Street Central Market (a market), but we also gained Pabla Punjabi Cuisine. Since I haven't been there yet, I don't know if it was a fair trade.

After that, we wrote about what to do with garlic scapes, and passed along more bad news: this time about Cascade Garden in Issaquah which was closed by a fire.

After that, though, some good news: First, the excellent Thai restaurant Bai Tong opened a second location, not quite so far away as the original in Tukwila. And then I actually went to the new location and discovered that, while not quite as good as the first, the expansion was still awesome in its own right. And both spots served moo dade deaw, which, since coming to Seattle, has become one of my favorite foods of all time.

Grillaxin' spent some time with Kamla Saxton and Roz Edison of Marination Mobile.

Julien Perry hit Crow for Happy Hour and came away stuffed with meat.

The Seattle Food Geek showed us all how to smoke flour for better pasta-makin'.

Kobe pretzel dogs? Sign me up.
And I came through with the week's review of Pho Bac--one of the most legendary of Seattle's pho shops.

We had news of new sushi in Capitol Hill (times three!)and more booze in Kirkland (because that's just what they need...), found the city's five best jumped-up junk foods, and got the secret history of Rose Brand noodles--the heart of the ID.

Then it was time for the Surly Gourmand to have his say about Burning Beast--an opportunity he took with relish and aplomb. The man pissed a lot of people off this week for daring to criticize the gastronomic and sartorial choices of some of Seattle's best-loved chefs, and has been catching nothing but shit for it ever since. Check out the fight in the comments section if you don't believe me.

And in the meantime, we were also reporting on the mystery of the stanky cereal recall being solved (kinda), collecting advice on drinking (and life) from the men's room at the Alki Tavern, discussing the proposal for late-night drinking in Seattle, and talking about sea beans. Because that's just how we roll.

Where's my beer, stupid robot?
Think robots are awesome? You're wrong. All robots are made evil and are just waiting for the right moment to turn on us, enslave us and make us do their cold, steely bidding. But for the moment, at least they're still bringing us beer when we ask.

We've got a new Japanese crepe shop on First Hill, a new Filipino seafood market is coming soon to Southcenter, NY-style pizza in Capitol Hill and, in the meantime, Surly was still talking about Burning Beast.

Want a free Blizzard from Dairy Queen in DQ-free Seattle? We can tell you where to get one.

We can also tell you how to score a free steak dinner at Twilight Exit.

And all of here at Voracious World HQ are happy to report that the KFC Double Down didn't sell nearly as well as we thought it would to the fat-assed masses of the United States of Sugar. Which means that maybe we ought to stop making fun of these alleged fat-asses. But probably, we won't.

Dinner & a Movie talked about meatloaf and acrobats.

This morning brought news of gay piano bars and a maybe-permanent home for Tako Truk (or at least the Tako Truk guys).

Surly finished his three-part Burning Beast epic(with a little help from Santa).

And I spent my Friday morning trying to think of alleged food cities that really suck and asking you, the good people of Seattle, to come through with your own suggestions. Which you've started to do, though honestly I expected a bit more vitriol.

But hey, it's early yet. And Monday is a long way off.

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