This is probably NOT a double scoop of Red Dawn
Short week this week, what with the holiday on Monday. But we made the best


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Beating the Heat With (Gross) Ice Cream and (Delicious) BBQ

This is probably NOT a double scoop of Red Dawn
Short week this week, what with the holiday on Monday. But we made the best possible use of the time we had--by talking mostly about ice cream and barbecue because, really, in this kind of heat those are about the only things that sound appetizing.

Well, maybe not the only things...

Like, on Tuesday, we started off by talking about drinking coffee in Kirkland. Then there was a shortcake showdown because strawberries and whipped cream in the summer are almost as good as cold beer and barbecue. And since you'll probably need somewhere to buy all that beer (and whiskey), we also had news about 15 new liquor stores opening around the state.

But then, it was straight into the good stuff. Well, after a quick detour to Marketime in Fremont to check out the deli. And a Grillaxin' interview with Roza Baklanova from Pike Place Chowder. And a happy hour at the Cha Cha Lounge.

Then then it was time to get in front of the smoker. First with the Seattle Food Geek as he showed us how to hickory smoke our own salt. Followed by the review of Stan Phillips's Kansas City 'cue joint, Stan's Bar-B-Q, and a story about how Stan's dad, Bill Phillips, once traded his weight in Jack Daniel's for the greatest backyard smoker of all time.

The puppy in question, as yet un-killed
We made some diversions into the world of Mama Lil's Peppers courtesy of Seattle Pantry, examined the five weirdest drinks for sale at Uwajimaya (seriously, grass jelly?), and the Surly Gourmand threatened to kill a puppy if we all didn't go to Naam Thai immediately to eat noodles.

The puppy is still alive, just so you know. Surly loves animals. Especially delicious ones.

After that, we were back in ice cream territory. There was the list of the hands-down strangest ice cream flavors ever devised by man (one man, actually--Mike Seely), including such treats as flambeed Adderall and reconstituted ulcer blood (in the Red Dawn) and gorilla adrenaline (in the Saturday Night Liver). Followed by a list (with map) of everywhere in the city where one might score some of the plainer flavors on the ice cream rainbow (or at least ones that don't involve the desecration of John Belushi's corpse).

Digressing again, we had a simple post about the crew of the French Laundry celebrating that restaurant's 16th anniversary with burgers from In-N-Out which inspired one of the more amusing comments section slap fights in the past couple weeks. Surly, having moved on from threatening household pets, then ate at Sichuanese Cuisine and declared the food spicy enough to kill a robot (while making jokes about oral sex, Patrick Nagel and your mom). Oral sex robots everywhere ticked it off their to-do lists.

Giant Douglas says, "Suck it, Godzilla!"
And after that? Well, there was Cliff Mass calling everybody in Seattle a bunch of pussies for bitching about the heat. A bunch of people calling me names because I've been to California and dared to say that Seattle doesn't have as vibrant a BBQ scene as Kansas City. And a story about Tom Douglas turning into a radioactive, sickle-wielding giant and destroying the city of Seattle. (Okay, not really, but that's what the picture makes it look like.)

There was news about the rumored closure of Lunchbox Laboratory and how said rumors turned out not to be true. Yet. We played some 7-11 trivia in honor of the upcoming "7-11 Day" (and the free Slurpees that come with it). Then it was back again to ice cream with Serving Sake to a Serb serving the Serb mochi, and the Serb immediately wanting to throw them into a bucket of vodka in order to make...mochi-flavored vodka? Now that's just weird all over again.

Rounding things out for the week, Dinner & a Movie went to eat sushi and see Adrien Brody get his ass torn up by predators. Angela Garbes made fun of Safeway and tore their collective asses up over their hijacking of the term "farmers market". And then we talked about sandwiches in a can.

Yes, sandwiches in a can.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll see you all back here next week for more news from the great wide world of food.

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