Monster Gummy would eat you if it could
Before you head off to the Seattle International BeerFest or home to start firing up the grill


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: New Faces, Real Tigers and Giant Gummy Bears

Monster Gummy would eat you if it could
Before you head off to the Seattle International BeerFest or home to start firing up the grill for the 4th of July picnic, take a minute to check out this convenient list of all the stuff we, the intrepid reporters from Voracious World HQ, deemed worthy of filling Blog-o-Land with this week.

Like, do you know who has the best, fresh-out-of-the-fryers chips in Seattle? You would if you'd read this week's Versus potato chip challenge.

Did you know that it's National Hot Dog Month? It is, and we're counting down the weeks with a series of hot dog tasting trips to places like Mike's Chili Parlor and points beyond.

Thanks to a cameo appearance of Top Chef runner-up Stefan Richter on the premier of Entourage, we got into a whole discussion of the best real restaurants populated by the imaginary people of TV and the movies.

Followed by a list of the top 5 real restaurants in Seattle whose names people can't ever seem to get right.

Not the last of the blue fin sashimi, but close...
We discussed the end of the blue fin tuna and an excellent article from the New York Times all about fishing, Greenpeace and the failure of the international ban on blue fin.

Then wrote a bit more on the Greenpeace blimp attack on Costco headquarters in Issaquah.

Do you know where the Palace Kitchen's grillman, Regan Curran, got his start as a professional cook? (Hint: it's one of Seattle's too-few 24-hour joints and a perfect place for a grill cook to make his bones.) You'd know for sure if you read his interview in Grillaxin'.

And you'd also know about the newest 24-hour joint in town, where to get drunk and bowl on the cheap, and why the Surly Gourmand hates balls and is afraid of tigers.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your barista hates you.

After dealing with unpronounceable Seattle restaurant names, we also put together a list of names that are just plain awful or stupid.

And then we talked about barbecue coming to West Seattle.

Want to know all about the new Twilight movie? So does everyone else. And we found a way to shoehorn it into the food section (because yes, we are just that desperate awesome). Which is also why we write about things like salmon vodka, cupcakes and the classic cocktails at Tavern Law. Because people love booze, cupcakes and Twilight and who are we to judge...

Oh, and sometimes? Sometimes people also like pictures of babies drinking beer, giant gummy bears and stories about the WORST AIRPLANE FLIGHT EVER, so when those sorts of stories come up, we're there, too. And starting next week, our army of reporters will be two voices stronger thanks to the return of Angela Garbes and the coming to the Dark Side of the Seattle Food Geek. Welcome, guys! Don't suppose one of you wants to write about other restaurants with names that rhyme with "penis," do you...?

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