Friday Food Porn: Vegetarians Beware

Photo courtesy Renee McMahon
Burning the Beasts at Burning Beast

Usually, these Friday afternoons excursions into the prurient belly of Seattle's food scene are linked somehow to the week's review. But this week? Not so much. This week, I reviewed Pho Bac. And while I certainly loved the place, it isn't exactly slideshow material. One snap of a steaming bowl of pho? That's excellent. But since Pho Bac only serves pho and nothing else, 10 snaps of nothing but pho would be interesting only to the most dedicated pho-natics (see what I did there? Ah, wordplay...).

So what we have instead is a photographic dispatch from this year's Burning Beast--which should be exciting for just about everyone. Except vegetarians, of course. They'll just be horrified. But then, so much horrifies vegetarians, it's really hard to find something that won't get their undies in a bunch. Except maybe this...

Mmm... Tofu
Sexy, right? All that tofu just...laying there.

Anyway, hot tofu 4-way action aside, Burning Beast has already got the comments section lit up by folks pissed off at Surly for daring to dislike chef Jason Wilson's goat and cigars, and plenty of people (both those who did and didn't get to make the scene this year) have been poring over the snaps and staring at the gigantic hunks of roasting meat contained within.

So what are you waiting for? Click on through to this week's slideshow and check it out for yourself. It's like a goddamn carnivore's Woodstock over there, complete with shirtless chefs and giant beards and too many Hobbity people walking around with no shoes on. There's even a gratuitous SPAM shot for those of you who prefer their meat in compressed and canned form.

So you see? Something for everyone.

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