Free Blizzards This Weekend, and a Free Steak Dinner at Twilight Exit Whenever You Want It (But There's a Catch...)

Earlier today, we hipped you to the news that Dairy Queen would be breaking the anti-fast-food cordon sanitaire ringing the city of Seattle by driving a truck shaped like a candy-studded milkshake straight through the blockade and giving away free (tiny) Blizzards to the fans trapped behind the lines.

And while that's all good and well, man can not live on mini-Blizzards alone, even when they're free. What man really needs to go along with his free frosty ice cream treat is a free steak dinner, right? And we can tell you where to score one.

Of course, there's just one catch...

Bop on over to the Daily Weekly and you'll see Caleb Hannan's report on the troubles Twilight Exit owner Stefan Mollman is having with Chase bank and the novel way he's come up with for sticking it to a lender that he says has done him wrong.

The deal is this: Because Mollman is pissed at Chase (for any number of reasons, all detailed in the Daily Weekly post), he's offering a weird kind of slap at the bank. If you have an account with Chase, all you have to do is close it, bring proof that you've closed it to Twilight Exit at 2514 Cherry Street, show said proof to him or one of the other employees there, and Mollman will buy you a steak dinner.

"If someone wants a steak dinner," Mollman told Hannan, "I will feed them."

Which means that if you, too, have some beef with Chase, you can turn it into...well, beef, I guess. And show your support for a local business owner in the process.

Don't forget your wallet, though. Because once you close down that Chase account, you'll probably be paying for drinks with cash.

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