Eclipse at The Big Picture: Twilight Movie Craze Isn't Just for Kids

At the Big Picture, adults -- and adults only -- are tickled by Tay Tay.
Secretly wanting to go see the third installment of the Twilight saga, but (unlike our own Zibby Wilder) can't bring yourself to be associated with the phrase "Twi-hard?" Try this.

"Honey, I really want to take you out for dinner and a movie. I heard about this great theater downtown called The Big Picture, and it sounds great... but they're only showing Eclipse this weekend. Is that ok?"

Yes, it's true. Belltown's swanky 21+ theater, The Big Picture, is currently featuring luxurious seating options, white cheddar popcorn, chilled champagne, and the ever-shirtless Taylor Lautner.

We failed to find someone willing to explain the selection of a "teen" movie for a no-kids-allowed theater, but really... why question it? If you are going to see Eclipse, the surest way to enjoy it is with chair-side cocktail service.

Eclipse shows at The Big Picture, Belltown, until July 16. Tickets can be purchased online, or at box office.

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