Speaking of Chicken, Is Yours Worth $10,000

All I see are about twenty different recipes with feet
I've always figured that, when everything else in my life finally, inevitably falls apart--when I have grown too old and too slow to survive in a kitchen any longer, when the editors of the world tire of my shenanigans and I become too jaded or dumb or backwards to even to go into consultancy--I would make my nickels entering recipe contests.

No, really. I know it might not be the most noble calling, but some of these things? They come with serious prize money attached. I did a two-word Google search for "recipe contests" and the very first site that popped up was this one--a reference page with a list of more than a dozen unexpired contests.

And while sure, the year's supply of Mrs. Renfro's Gourmet Salsa (and commemorative polo shirt!) I'd win if I took home the grand prize in the Renfro Foods 70th Anniversary Recipe Contest wouldn't pay the rent, the Cooking Light Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest comes with a grand prize of $20,000. And that, my friends, would buy a whole lot of tacos...

So back to the chickens for a minute. I just got word today that the California-based Foster Farms is holding a West Coast-only chicken recipe contest with a big prize of $10,000 and a year's supply of chicken. Plus, six semi-finalists will each take home a cool grand for doing nothing more than putting together a pretty good chicken recipe.

Here are the details, straight from the horse's chicken's mouth: "Foster Farms announces the last call for entries for its first-ever Foster Farms West Coast Chicken Cooking Contest with a coveted grand prize of $10,000 plus a one-year supply of fresh Foster Farms chicken. Home, amateur and professional chefs residing in California, Oregon and Washington are encouraged to submit their prized, original chicken recipes for consideration. Recipes must feature fresh Foster Farms chicken and should be inspired by local ingredients as a testament to Foster Farms' commitment to foods that are fresh, locally-grown and always natural. Grilling recipes will be excluded from the contest. The deadline to enter is June 30, 2010 at 11:59:59 PDT and the contest will culminate with The Final Cook-off held at Napa Valley's prestigious Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, in September 2010 during National Chicken Month."

Okay, so chicken? Check. Local ingredients? 'Round these parts, that's a cinch. And with 23 days left to go, there's plenty of time yet for those of you out there who fancy yourselves kitchen wizards to get in on this action. For more information (and the entry form), check out the contest website here.

As for me, I'm looking at the Literal Latte Food Verse contest which pays out $500 to the best food-related poem they receive by Jan 31, 2011 because $500? That's more cash than most poets make in their lifetime. More than a lot of food writers make, too. And really, how much effort could it take to write a haiku about corned beef hash?

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