Meat Sundae

Can you guess what's in this dessert? Besides bacon?

This creation from executive chef Dalis Chea of Fresh Bistro (who really, really likes pork) is made from vanilla bean caramel ice cream, bacon pecan brittle and shaved cured foie gras.

I know I said the bacon bubble had burst with these monstrosities, but this sugar and smoke combo is really quite a treat. At $9, this dessert (brand new on the Fresh Bistro menu) reflects two of chef Chea's favorite things to eat: foie and bacon.

South Asian pig
"It gives us a good balance between approachable and off-the-wall," says Chea. "We have the servers sell it as a special, and yes, it sells. It is Hempler's bacon and very good. I really like the savory aspect in desserts. Maya (Barber-Kurose), our pastry chef, can execute like no one's business."

Because the bacon is candied, it doesn't have the typical powerful, smokey taste responsible for the "yuck faces" some people give when I tell them about this dessert (as if bacon and ice cream is anything new).The foie is pretty unnoticeable, unless you really concentrate on trying to taste the subtleties of its flavor. Combined with the caramel and vanilla in the ice cream, the two meats in this dish come across less like pushy backseat drivers, and more like happy-go-lucky passengers in a crazy dessert wagon.

Oh, and did I forget to mention it's damn good?

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