Marination Mobile Report: Fremont Left Hungry by a Bad Distributor Cap

Marination Mobile, on a better day
One of the problems inherent in serving food out of a truck? Repairs.

One of the benefits of a brick-and-mortar location? Your restaurant doesn't break down. Pieces of it, maybe (catch me out at the bar some night and ask me about the time I had to serve an entire service in a dining room with no lights and only portable burners to cook with). But rarely will your entire restaurant end up stuck by the side of the road.

That's more or less what happened today to Big Blue--Marination Mobile's truck of legend. This morning, it needed a new distributor cap, requiring a visit to the truck doctor, and so the good people of Fremont (where Big Blue was scheduled to park today) ended up high, dry and without tacos--which is just no way to be.

The good news? A distributor cap is a simple fix, and it looks as though the truck will be back on the road again tomorrow, making its planned stop in Beacon Hill. Which is good news for those neighbors, not so good for those left cold in Fremont.

You know what I'm thinking? What we really need is Two Marination Mobile trucks...

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