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It was a brief week here at Voracious World Headquarters, what with the Memorial Day holiday and the fact that so many of us used


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Coffee, Conflict and Coleman

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It was a brief week here at Voracious World Headquarters, what with the Memorial Day holiday and the fact that so many of us used the extra downtime to eat and drink ourselves into near comas. But we still managed to drag ourselves to our computers now and again to bring you all the most delicious, repulsive and weird news of the week. And it all started with...

A quick pick-me-up of Tuesday morning Canadian coffee, followed by some delicious sweet potato casserole courtesy of the ladies from the United Methodist Church of Urbana and some fried pickles a la Versus.

Grillaxin' brought us the musical and culinary stylings of Taste line cook Jesse Dean. And for Happy Hour, our brave team took on that most overblown of all of Seattle's famous addresses: Salty's on Alki Beach. Schizophrenic barely begins to describe the results.

Gary Coleman died this week. The body wasn't even cold before the jokes started. But while the comedians were having their way with the former child star, I was reminiscing about dumplings and salt-and-pepper shrimp at Mandarin Chef for this week's review.

We found a new place to get an overpriced, over-loaded gourmet pizza in ya...

...a new place to drink (and eat) on the cheap. Relatively, anyhow.

Then we discussed the Top Five hotel bars in Seattle--a list that was surprisingly strong considering hotel bars are generally the option of last resort for anyone who knows anything about food or drink.

The Surly Gourmand took on Teddy's Bigger Burgers (and with the amount of shouty capital letters he used, I'm guessing he liked it). I, on the other hand, kept it classic by declaring the cheeseburgers at Dick's one of Seattle's Essential Dishes.

And then things just took a turn for the weird with some news about Conflict Kitchen (a Pittsburgh restaurant that bases its menu around the food cultures of countries the U.S. is currently at war with). We made a few suggestions for future menus, then got out of there fast before getting sucked down into the political quagmire.

We had several big openings and closings this week, including new taco trucks and places to buy hot pretzels (awesome). Then there was some more news from Salty's, a National Donut Day celebration at Mighty-O, and news from Andaluca (another hotel restaurant that serves surprisingly good food).

Dinner & a Movie went the documentary route this week (The Seattle Pilots: Short Flight Into History), then capped things off with french toast at Randy's Diner.

We lost Ichiban Restaurant after two decades of service...

...but the Serb got his hit of Malaysian food at Malay Satay Hut.

Sweet Freak ate Bacon Beans and almost didn't live to write about it.

Surly hit June and was so excited he could barely contain himself to a single "your mom" joke.

And finally, we brought you the video of the COOLEST BEER COMMERCIAL EVER. Of course, it was Japanese.

And that, my friends, was how we spent our week here at Voracious. Click through any of the links above to get to the story in question and, as always, we'll be back again on Monday with a hot, fresh dose of all the news that's fit to eat. Until then, sayonara...

(Seriously, have you checked out the Sapporo commercial yet? Do it. You won't be sorry.)

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