Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Anthony Bourdain, Bobcat Goldthwait, The Vapors, Little Weiners and a Sausage Fest

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It was another huge week here at Voracious World Headquarters. We had celebrities, openings, closings, recipes for cooking leprechauns, breaking news, free stuff, product recalls, unicorns, slap-fights--everything required for a busy week in the newsroom. And here, in case you missed anything awesome, is a quick run-down of everything great from the past week's news, all in convenient headline format.

Drip Coffee Threatened in Natural Habitat told the story of the death of a simple, plain cup of coffee the way your dad might have recognized it.

Windy City Dogs Fail to Blow Our Mind was the kindest thing to say about a weak crop of Chicago hot dogs from two dog shacks that ought to have done better.

And all on its own, a simple Anthony Bourdain in Seattle Tomorrow Night was enough to get all the local foodies hot and bothered about the chance to see the man in person.

Cupcakes and Pork Belly: What's The Next Big Thing discussed the serious question of what will come along to replace food trends when they either wane in the public consciousness or become too big to be cool.

Novelties at the Bookstore Bar offered up a $10 dinner in a downtown location--a rarity, to be sure. And A Moment of Nearly Perfect Quiet discussed this week's review of Crush--where dinner will run you about ten times that.

Two Frankies' Grandma Hangs Out With Jerry Garcia at the Corson Building--that was the title given to the Surly Gourmands rant about DMT, dogs in sweaters, Jerry Garcia, Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli. Somewhere in there he also lavished more love than you'd think could be contained in him onto the Corson Building and every plate of food that has ever been cooked there.

Sausage Fest was all about free stuff and cheap stuff and more free stuff being handed out all over town this week (and this weekend!).

Tony Does Seattle told the tale of Bourdain's appearance at the Moore Theatre, in pictures and haiku.

And Old Union Space is Turning Japonessa? That name-checked the one and only hit by The Vapors and, thus, was enough to make me want to eat at Japonessa the minute it opens (in the old Union space).

Meanwhile, there was also this: Bobcat Goldthwait, Asian Soul Food Give Artopia Extra Zest, which might not be the most clever headline in the world, but it does have Bobcat Goldthwait in it, and I'm four-square in favor of anything mentioning his name because Bobcat was in both One Crazy Summer and Shakes the Clown and so is forever awesome.

Want to score some (fake) unicorn meat? We got ya covered with Everyone Loves Unicorn Meat (Except the National Pork Board).

Or maybe lion burgers are more your speed?

What about recipes for chupacabra, cockatrice or Gabriel Garcia Marquez on the cooking of leprechauns? Check out Cooking with Unicorn, Lion Meat, Wizards and Chupacabra and you won't be disappointed.

Or, I guess you could just try your hand at winning a box of free burritos. Chipotle promises there's no leprechaun in 'em.

Tom Cruise is Still Tryin' Hard is a story of one sausage-and-onion pizza, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise and one viewing of the movie Knight and Day. And for those of you who, like me, would gladly sit around eating cereal all day if not for things like jobs and bills and responsibilities getting in the way, you might want to check out Et Tu, Kellog's for the tale of the most recent food recall.

And that, my friends, was the week in headlines. Click through any of those links to get to the stories in question and, when you're done with all that, have a great weekend. We'll be here waiting for you on Monday.

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