Because sometimes your hatred is a badge of honor
Hey, you know what? I think we managed to make it through this entire week without


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Hot Dogs, Donuts, Chuck Norris, Critics and Criminals

Because sometimes your hatred is a badge of honor
Hey, you know what? I think we managed to make it through this entire week without once mentioning the World Cup. Which is remarkable because, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans couldn't give less of a crap about how Albania is faring against the French, it seems that every single news organization in the country is hell-bent on covering the World Cup as though it actually mattered to anyone who doesn't own a single pair of Umbro shorts.

Still, maybe there were some other things taking up your attention this week. Maybe you had better things to do than sitting around at your desk all day, clickety-clicking through our little food blog. If so, congratulations. That makes you a better-rounded and more socially capable human being than I am. But it is precisely because I am so obsessed with all things food-ish that I can once again offer you this convenient digest of all the best of the week's grub-talk.

You're welcome.

We started this week with a commentary/takedown of the P-I's list of Seattle's 10 most iconic coffeeshops, courtesy of our own coffee reporter. Then there was the news about a new corn-on-the-cob stand opening in Capitol Hill (which is huge if you REALLY like corn-on-the-cob). There then followed our morel mushroom faceoff between Sitka & Spruce and Emmer & Rye (yeah, it was a Battle of the Ampersands) and some well-deserved mocking of Starbucks for thinking that they were going to win loyal customers back by offering them free wi-fi--a plan about as cutting-edge as offering free plays on their new-fangled Space Invaders arcade games.

Bottomfeeder offered some bold opinions on kid's coloring pages at restaurants (and also talked about the cheeseburgers at Zak's), West Seattle's Wing Dome drew one step closer to an eventual opening, and we tried really hard to use our journalistic powers for evil by more or less begging for free booze.

Thus far it hasn't worked.

Grillaxin' was all about donuts this week--and interviews with Sara Beth Russert, a former Punk Rock Girl turned donut-maker (and social media flack) for Mighty O. And in the meantime, there was booze news from Matt Dillon, more booze news (of a happy hour variety) from Sazerac, and yet still more booze news (regarding prostate health, this time) from Pike Brewing Company.

Oh, and then we made fun of Chuck Norris.


Yeah, we're that awesome.

Wednesday brought the review of Beth's Cafe and all the love that went with it.

Then we talked about drinking some more, and the sudden popularity of manufactured go-cups for problem drinkers on the run.

Surly Gourmand stopped in at Marjorie to talk about sea beans, cuttlefish, Super Mario Brothers and lesbians. And then (dammit!) we apparently did talk about the World Cup a little, but it was mostly just an excuse to take cheap shots at McDonald's.

Ice cream wars!
Did you hear the one about the ice cream truck turf war going on in Marysville? We did. And we wrote about it, too.

After that, we went looking for some serious Chicago-style hot dogs, scouted out the drink service at the Hunt Club's bar, named the five worst-ever Olive Garden commercials--which was tough considering so many of them sucked so hard and seemed to be condoning everything from incest to smoking crystal meth to the enjoyment of the TV show Friends.

Awww... Isn't he cute?
After that, talking about the endangered Louisiana pancake batfish was positively cheerful. Kinda. And learning about the world's most exclusive Subway franchise was as awesome as a thousand monkeys.

Bon Appetit magazine interviewed a bunch of restaurant critics this week about the influence of food blogs and sites like Yelp or Urbanspoon. Most of the pros that BA talked to were rather restrained in their opinions. I was not.

As pissy as I was about Yelp? Surly was twice as lovey towards BBQ God Steven Raichlen, who he apparently loves as much as he does wizards, meat-on-sticks and your mom.

After that, we talked a bit about last meals--both the voluntary ones, and those eaten by criminals on death row. Dinner & a Movie watched Get Him to the Greek (but not before putting away a couple beers to make Russell Brand more tolerable). Then Laura Onstot unloaded on Ethan Stowell's How To Cook a Wolf with both barrels--one filled with love, one packed with hate--while the Serb ate a tub of mayonnaise (disguised as a plate of honey walnut shrimp) at Honey Court Seafood.

We rounded out the week with a food recall (two of them, actually), a slideshow featuring the night creatures at Beth's, and a little bit of Twitter-terrorism in the form of suggesting what ought to go into the big empty space at the Bravern where the two Artisanal restaurants once lived. Right up until last weekend, actually. And since it was the story of that double-closure that started off this week's news, it seems only appropriate that it should be the one that ends our week's coverage, too.

Have a good weekend, everybody. We'll see you all back here bright and early on Monday morning with all the food news we can cram into ya.

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