Georgetown Liquor Company Ensures a Smooth Segue from Soccer to Shakes

Justin Dylan Renney
A temple of futbol? On Saturday, anyway.
Looking for a place to watch the United States' World Cup match tomorrow that will put you within a stone's throw of Artopia when the final horn sounds? Done and done: Georgetown Liquor Company, which, as Caleb Hannan noted in our favorite restaurant issue, "will serve you the best vegan sandwich you've had in Seattle, and will do so with absolutely no airs," is opening an hour early--10 a.m.--and will be offering discounted food specials during the match.

Or is it game? And is it a pitch, or a field? It doesn't really matter, provided Landon Donovan scores at least one goal and doesn't go completely bald by game's end. Equally important is that fans migrate a few blocks south to the epicenter of Artopia, a free, family-friendly (albeit booze-soaked) carnival that starts at 2 and will close with a 10:30 screening of Bobcat Goldthwait's Shakes the Clown in The Stables' courtyard (5907 Airport Way S).

Dubbed "the Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies" by the Boston Globe at the time of its release in 1991, Shakes marked Goldthwait's screenwriting and directorial debut (he also stars as the title character, alongside Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin, Tom Kenny and Florence Henderson). Fresh off a pants-free set at Sasquatch!, Goldthwait is flying up from Los Angeles to introduce the film personally, and will chillax at an after-party in the same space thrown by Washington Bus. Don't miss it.

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