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Photo by Leslie Kelly
Justin Cline's flavors at Full Tilt reflect the diverse tastes of the neighborhood.
Justin Cline, owner of Full Tilt, went to


Full Tilt's Famous For Its Flavors, Skeeball

justin at full tilt.JPG
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Justin Cline's flavors at Full Tilt reflect the diverse tastes of the neighborhood.
Justin Cline, owner of Full Tilt, went to the Culinary Institute of America (briefly), cooked at Spago and was one of the first employees at Salumi. A couple summers ago, he joined the local ice cream revolution, introducing popular flavors like Mexican chocolate, horchata and mango-chili. Read part one for more dish.

SW: What about some of the crazy flavors like lemon chocolate? That sounds awful.

Cline: I love this candy I used to buy in West Seattle, Joe's lemon chocolate, so I tried to recreate that. It's really pretty good. I don't do the peanut butter bacon that often because it's so high maintenance. I've got to cook the bacon and coat it in chocolate and peanut butter ice cream is tricky to make. But I'll make it for special occasions, maybe about once a month and we'll Twitter about it and I'll sell about eight tubs of it in a day.

SW: What about "The Ring of Fire"?

Cline: Oh, the chocolate ice cream with jalapenos in it. Yeah, I made it as a special request for a kid's birthday and one other time, but I just wasn't that crazy about it.

SW: How are the Full Tilt flavors different in the U-District and Columbia City?

Cline: In the U-District, I try to have more boozy flavors like a Jameson caramel. We've done a gin and tonic sorbet. That went over well. In Columbia City, for some reason, we get a lot of requests for pecans. We do a chocolate-pecan and butter-toasted pecan that's a little richer than a typical butter pecan.

SW: Do you think it's funny that people on Yelp rate the games along with the ice cream?

Cline: Yeah, well that's kind of our shtick. That's was always the concept, that we'd be more than an ice cream shop. That we'd be a place where you could come and hang out, a gathering spot for neighborhood, because we knew it was going to be hard to be just an ice cream shop. We have long winters here in Seattle.

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Photo by Leslie Kelly
Get your licks in on Full Tilt's Skee Ball.
SW: What's the most popular pinball machine?

Cline: Here, it's Twilight Zone and the Skeeball. It's from 1962.

SW: Speaking of games, any interest in an ice cream battle royale with you and Molly Moon, Parfait and Bluebird?

Cline: That would be fun. We did an ice cream social with Tom Douglas last summer and that was pretty fun. We got together and got to hang out and talk.

SW: Where are the best places to eat in White Center?

Cline: I love El Paisano's Rosticeria Y Cocina, which is a Mexican rotisserie chicken place where you can get a whole chicken, rice, beans and a dozen handmade tortillas for like $15. And then, there's La Dona, which is Puebla-style. Puebla is about 15 minties outside Mexico City. It's fresher, lighter food than the closer to border fare. It's really cool to come up and see this old lady in the window making tortillas. White Center Pho is the granddaddy of pho places. And next door to me, Houng Xua, it's a Vietnamese Deli and they have unique delicacies you don't see anywhere else like lots of mushrooms and weird pork things that I don't know what they are, but they taste good. And, for the longest time, we didn't have decent pizza, but now we have Proletariat Pizza and a lot of people are saying it's the best pizza in Seattle, so we're pretty stoked to have them.

SW: What do you cook at home?

Cline: I do a lot of stir fries. My wife's vegetarian. But if it's nice, I like to grill, I like grilling the beer in the rear chicken and making chorizo on the grill. I like making pasta.

SW: Where do you go from here?

Cline: We're going to get into wholesale a little more, so we can distribute our ice cream locally. We're working on opening a Ballard location in January and then we lot of requests for the Eastside, so we'll probably open something there, too.

Check back for part three of our Grillaxin Q&A with Justin Cline from Full Tilt. He's going to share his recipe for caramel sauce.

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