Edgar Martinez's Mezcal Coming to a Bar Near the Mariners

No more holding your nose and choking down Cuervo, thanks to Edgar.
For years, baseball fans have been at a loss to explain how Mariner great Edgar Martinez, who had doubles power until the age of 32, poked a career-high 37 homers out of the park at the age of 37.

Was it--gasp!--steroids? Say it ain't so.

Well, it ain't. Judging from the fact that Martinez's new Mezcal line, El Zacatecano, will debut at Safeco Field's bars on June 22, we can only assume the power came from pre-game quaffings of agave extract by the bucket.

Plus, Martinez's Mezcal, a smokier cousin of tequila, will ensure that Jose Cuervo no longer occupies the top of the Safe's shelf, an insane oversight in a stadium that otherwise does its clientele luxuriously right.

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