The last month and a half have been filled with a cornucopia of veggies, fruits and whole grain, almost the void of fried foods and


Dennis Hopper Kills at the Cloverleaf

The last month and a half have been filled with a cornucopia of veggies, fruits and whole grain, almost the void of fried foods and good ole Americana. My goal is to lose 20 lbs., maintain a healthy lifestyle, lower my cholesterol, and look good for my high school reunion in August.

Hummus plate, the healthy choice at the Capitol Club

My setback this week was realizing that my scale has been broken. Each time I step on it the reading changes from Nicole Richie status to the Octomom with the whole posse ready to break on through to the other side. I'd like to go David Herman a la Office Space on my scale right now, preferably in a meadow filled with rejects from Curves cheering.

This week I performed in six shows across the Puget Sound. The Sunday show, "Cracked Up!" at the Capitol Club, is produced by local comedian Solomon Georgio and the People's Republic of Komedy (PROK), and featured upcoming comics as well as one of my favorite headliners, Derek Sheen. Sheen underwent surgery on his tonsils two weeks prior to performing, and still managed to kill with his self-deprecating and lovable Emerald City cynicism and boyhood stories about attending Scientology school.

Prior to the show I decided to partake in one of Jennifer Burdette's no-no list items which was, "French fries are okay if you only eat a couple and they are from someone else's plate." I was able to snag a few French fries from my neighbor's plate as well as a morsel of tender marinated pork which was so juicy it dripped down my hand. I was craving patatas bravas, roasted potatoes in brava sauce a delicious tapa treat, but unfortunately not a part of my diet. I dined on a hummus platter lined with triangles of pita and filled with cucumbers and small ripe cherry tomatoes. My meal was delicious, but like many plates of this style, there was a shortage of pita to a generous portion of hummus.

Over the weekend I performed at Bremerton's Cloverleaf Sports Bar & Grill. The Cloverleaf has become a second home to me and a strong test for my diet as I find potato skins an ultimate weakness. Friday included two benefit shows; I opened for Everett based comedian Eric Haines who amazed the crowd with: juggling swords, unicycling and a wooden but lively simian named Giuseppe. Saturday's show was headlined by a Northwest legend, Brad Upton, who has performed all over the globe, but started at the same club I did, Seattle's Comedy Underground

My neighbor's meal, the more delicious choice

The first show was warm. I performed well, albeit not amazingly. The second show was like a sea of approval and cheers there wasn't a stopping point throughout. The Cloverleaf is a clean room, and I somehow managed to get through my set without utilizing any colorful language. This isn't to say I didn't enlist the audience's help to create a slightly cruder mood. I noticed that the gentleman in the front row was wearing a very bold Pabst Blue Ribbon hat, which instantly reminded me of Dennis Hopper's character in David Lynch's "Blue Velvet." I had the gentleman recite loudly the memorable line: "Heineken? Fuck that Shit, Pabst Blue Ribbon!"--to which the audience responded with screams and cheers as if we had all cursed in church.

Whether you like it or not, in comedy, the audience will guide you. Many crowds will let you know if the room is dirty, clean or absolutely lowdown. During the third show we were informed that the audience may be a little bit more rowdy with a taste for adult themes. I attempted to keep it clean throughout my set, but decided to start a new bit where I take suggestions from the audience to create theme songs for movies. The suggestion that received the greatest amount of applause and excitement was "Deep Throat." The crowd and I, from that moment on, had an understanding.

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