A Farmers Market (And a Flea Market) for Georgetown

Okay, so the new market probably won't look exactly like this...
We've written a couple times before about the Georgetown Farmers Market--both when it was just a potential market (and really little more than a drunken rumor), then again when it looked as though it might actually someday become a real market.

Now, we can happily say to the good people of Georgetown that yes, there will in fact be a market. Two markets, in fact. And both of them will be having their side-by-side grand openings tomorrow, Saturday June 5.

One farmers market and one flea market will be going into the big, empty space once occupied by Rainier Cold Storage at 6000 Airport Way South, encompassing over a hundred local vendors--roughly 40 farmers and food vendors on one side, about 60 flea market guys selling weird macrame potholders, old socks and crafts on the other.

According to the organizers, the food side will be a big draw. "Over the course of this inaugural season," they say, "Georgetown customers can expect to find a diverse selection of local fruits, berries, vegetables, natural meats, local wild fish, wild-crafted edibles such as honeys, mushrooms and wild greens, artisan cheeses, poultry, eggs, a dazzling array of flowers and artisan processed foods such as sauces, jams, seasonings, candies, fresh breads, pastries and much more."

And then there's the other side: "The flea market side offers a true treasure hunt amidst a constantly changing bazaar of collectibles, bygones, antiques, vintage and retro goods, custom furnishings, estate sale treasures, home style accents, world imports, crafts and artisan creations, and amazingly cool one-of-a-kind stuff."

They're also welcoming musicians and street performers to the site, and on opening day, chef Matthew Dillon of Georgetown's Corson Building will be on hand starting at noon to do cooking demos.

The markets will both be operating every Saturday through mid-October, with the farmers market running 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and the flea market going 'til 4 p.m.

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