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Just a small serving of Urbana's 24-Hour Salad.
As a sort of Julie & Julia-type project for Voracious , I'll be taking on the mighty


Urbana Legends: A Salad With Absolutely No Greens But Enough Pink And Yellow To Make Up For It

fruit salad.jpg
Just a small serving of Urbana's 24-Hour Salad.
As a sort of Julie & Julia-type project for Voracious, I'll be taking on the mighty recipes of the United Methodist Church of Urbana, Ohio. Every Tuesday, I'll whip up one of the Midwestern classics and chronicle the cooking process, while offering up the recipe for you to give it a try at home. Having been brought up on mostly Persian cooking, I'll be venturing into an entirely new genre of homemade cuisine.

With the weather starting to warm up, at least for now, it seemed fitting to find a recipe that would complement the pleasant sunshine. So I decided to skip out on the casseroles and stews, and looked for something in the salad section. Midwesterners seem to be in love with their pork, and lots of it, since almost every salad had some form of it as the main ingredient.

I wasn't in the mood for a salad filled with meat, so I turned to the next best salad ingredient: fruit. Little did I know, this version of a fruit salad would leave me feeling heavier than many bacon-filled salads could.

24-Hour Salad


-1/4 c. pineapple juice, drained from pineapple chunks

-1/4 c. lemon juice

-3/4 c. sugar

-2 eggs, beaten

Fruit: (Drained)

-1 can Royal Anne Cherries

-1 can chunk pineapple

-1 can mandarin oranges

-1 pkg. miniature marshmallows

Cook dressing ingredients until thickened. Cool and add to ½ pint whipping cream (whipped). Fold into fruit mixture in large bowl. Chill 24 hours. Stir and serve.

But the best part of the recipe is saved for last. It reads: NOTE: May be made low calorie and low cholesterol by substituting fruit packed in juices, egg beaters and Cool Whip.

How cool is that? Even in the '70s, some mommas out there were thinking about how to make even their sweetest treats a bit healthier. Out of excitement for this tiny addition, I decided to take the opportunity to mark off some calories by switching to Cool Whip (the whipping cream was probably the most caloric component of the ingredients). And to my surprise, Cool Whip now has a "Cool Whip Light" and a "Cool Whip Zero." As I was already cutting my losses, I decided to just stick with the "light" version and call it good.

After 24 hours of cooling in the fridge, the texture of the salad becomes like thick whipped cream, with fruit and marshmallows merely additions to the creamy base. It's more like a topping than an actual dessert--or whatever meal it's meant for. The flavor of the Maraschino cherries (which was what I used in replacement for Royal Anne Cherries) was most potent in the mixture, making the most bland fruit--the mandarin oranges--the only ingredient in the salad that I could continue to enjoy after three bites.

Now it's obvious that whoever created this clever recipe title meant it to represent the amount of time it takes to prepare the dish. However, after enjoying my creation, the name seemed to be easily put to multiple uses:

  • After eating this salad, your kids will need 24 hours to get off their sugar high. (This is not the fruit salad The Wiggles used to sing about.)
  • After eating this salad, you'll need 24 hours of crunches to work off that delectable whipped cream.
  • While eating this salad, you'll need so many cups of black tea to counter the sweetness that you'll be up for a straight 24 hours.
  • For me to be able to down this bowl of sweet goodness all by myself, I'd need a nice long 24 hours--maybe 22 if I refuse all other food. (Don't fret, this is merely a guess; I absolutely did not attempt to wipe the bowl clean alone.)
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