Tat's Deli Gets a New Address

For more than five years, the original guys behind Tat's Deli (Brian Tatman and Jason Simodejka) brought the East Coast sandwich love to Pioneer Square from their location at 115 Occidental Avenue--serving serious Philly cheesesteaks, Italian grinders, hot meatball hoagies, Hebrew National dogs and big pastrami sandwiches (like the one pictured above) to both locals with a taste for the good stuff and East Coast expats looking for a taste of home. Tat's has been successful. It is deeply loved by those who can not imagine facing a month, a week or a day without a proper sandwich done in the style of the cheesesteak and grinder homeland.

And now, it is moving.

On May 31, the guys are throwing a friends-and-family party to celebrate the new location, and then, on June 1, Tat's will be up and running and open to the public in a new, larger location right around the corner at 157 Yessler Way. And a new address is not the only change.

The new and improved Tat's will be able to seat 50 (a big jump from the current seating situation), has acquired a new partner in Mike Sichel, who took the place of Simodejka after he went back east, and (most important) will now be serving beer and wine, thanks to a brand spankin' new license for the Yesler Way digs. What, you want more? Okay, Tat's will also be adding regular dinner hours to their former schedule of 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday, and will be tacking on Saturday service as well.

So all you Right Coast transplants and cheesesteak freaks, mark your calendars. June 1 is the big day. And with any luck, maybe I'll see you there.

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