Sweet Freak: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Ignore the fact that there are 110 calories in a single tablespoon. Ignore that you have to shake the bottle for at least 20 seconds before squirting onto your ice cream to make sure all of the oils are properly mixed (Shake Weight what?). Ignore that if accidentally refrigerated, it will turn to stone, only resuscitated by a long hot shower under the faucet. If you can ignore all of these things, along with the fact that you're an adult buying a dessert topping that "magically freezes," then you will probably enjoy the new cupcake flavor of Magic Shell.

It really is like liquid crack, drizzled over ice cream, topped with confetti and a glistening sheen. It begs to be devoured by those with a sugary appetite for serious junk food. Once the Magic Shell makes contact with vanilla ice cream (we used Haagen-Dazs Five for this experiment to eliminate the amount of chemicals on our tastebuds), it freezes almost instantly, creating a flavor nearly identical to cake batter ice cream.

The trick to Magic Shell is that you don't want to use too much. An excess of this sludge, which, by the way, has no trans fat or hydrogenated oils, creates a thick barrier to your ice cream. You want to pour just enough on your dessert to give your ice cream a nice brittle topping that easily breaks with the tap of a spoon. The nice thing about Magic Shell is that it has the consistency of chocolate when it melts in your mouth.

This new cupcake flavor can be found at just about any grocery store. We found ours at Safeway in West Seattle. Not sure how long it will be on shelves, so you might want to grab a bottle while you can. Even if you never buy the stuff again, you'll end up with sexy, sculpted arms you'll be proud to show off!

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