Seattle's Essential Dishes: Poutine from the Steelhead Diner

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Poutine from the Steelhead Diner:

French fries? Good. Gravy? Good. Cheese curds? Double-good. Poutine? Awesome in more ways than can be described by mortal man.

There are many good things on the menu at Kevin Davis's Steelhead Diner. The kitchen does country fried chicken and fancy presentations of all sorts of fish. It does the po' boys of Davis's Louisiana youth and gumbo based on his grandmother's own recipe. The menu at Steelhead is jumped-up American classical--a kind of cuisine grand-mère with a distinctive U.S. bent. And it is all very good.

But the best thing on Davis's board--the thing that keeps us up night's with hunger and makes us drool a little when we think about it--is the poutine: that greatest of Canadian culinary inventions. Take some already excellent french fries, smother them in scratch-made beef gravy, and then top the whole mess with fresh Beecher's cheese curds gotten from the Beecher's mothership just down the street, and what you have is a dish that transcends style or influence and rockets straight into the realm of dream-food--the stuff that haunts you days and years after the first time you got the chance to try it.

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