Tequila Tuesdays: Trading Limes & Salt for Lemons & Coffee on Capitol Hill


Tequila Tuesdays: Trading Limes & Salt for Lemons & Coffee on Capitol Hill

  • Tequila Tuesdays: Trading Limes & Salt for Lemons & Coffee on Capitol Hill

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    On the last Tequila Tuesday of the month, I usually booze around Capitol Hill's drinking trifecta: Moe Bar, Cha Cha and Unicorn. This area is always packed with skipsters--skinny hipsters--and their Tortilla Gold-based drinking philosophy fits with my budget any day.

    At Moe Bar, I'm going for pretentious but cheap tequila shots. After all, I am living off Danish government subsidies, and at the end of the month posh establishments like The Saint or Tavern Law won't fit into my limited budget. So I try to kick it with skipsters who don't care if they drink shitty tequila. Apparently, not caring is what hip consumerism is about these days.

    On Tuesday I was right back in the trifecta, taking shots with my wing woman--let's call her Lil' E--and some dude who vanished halfway through the night. I'm generally a pro-shots kind of girl, but when it comes to tequila I have one caveat: I need a lemon, not a lime.

    In Cuba, they serve your tequila with a lemon, and it becomes a whole different story. If there's one thing Castro isn't rationing, it's lemon, and that sits well with me. The freshness of the lemon is sort of cooling, which makes the tequila less burning. And that's not all there is to boozing it up in Cuba (If one day we get to go, that is). I know we're talking about tequila here, but can I just mention the Cubans' brilliant idea to lose the vodka and put rum in their Bloody Marys instead? That way, a Bloody Mary almost becomes a cocktail you can sip when sitting at the pool.

    Maybe we Seattleites should take a cue from the Cubans and start using local commodities in our drinks, making them in the process both cheaper and more interesting. That's what my friend and I decided to do last Tuesday. It is called a Poor Man's Tequila Shot - or PMT - and the basic ingredient is very local: ground coffee.

    When making PMTs, you essentially switch the salt for ground coffee and the lime for a lemon. Then you dip the lemon in ground coffee, so when you bite into it after taking the shot you'll get caffeinated and intoxicated at once, securing a good hangover with little money. Although the amount of coffee is negligible, it still packs a surprising punch.

    However, while PMTs guarantee a faded night, unfortunately for me on this particular Tuesday evening, it also meant bruised organs. At some point we left the safe zone of the trifecta and ended up with a bunch of lovely ladies at the Wild Rose, forgetting all about PMTs and drinking lime-infused tequila instead, all the while trying to bribe the DJ into playing "Feed the Horse" by Fagget Fairys.

    On my way to have a cigarette outside, I somehow tripped down the three stairs in front of the establishment. I felt sick and walked the two blocks to my apartment with an injury of uncertain proportions, promising myself I would never drink tequila--with lime, at least--again.

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