Performing comedy on the road has a tendency to increase your waist size, as dining options are typically of the fried variety. I've set out


Munchkin Mayhem in Bremerton

Performing comedy on the road has a tendency to increase your waist size, as dining options are typically of the fried variety. I've set out on a challenge to lose 20 lbs. by eating healthy and exercising. Last week I started at 150 lbs. and am pleased to say I'm now 1 lb. lighter!

Comedienne Barbara Sehr says losing 1lbs. is equal to losing a full pack of Bar-S-Biggies.

Last week I had seven shows, most of which went really well. However, you can't always control the environment or the audience. What do you do if you are being heckled by a Napoleon-complex, brassy, AARP-subscribing lady?

At the Cloverleaf in Bremerton, I met my match in a pint-sized gal named Holly. I had called her out at the beginning of my set, as her laugh was infectious. It sounded as if Yosemite Sam had a baby with a case of the giggles! There was good energy and a lot of back and forth between the two of us. The audience became familiar with her and her memorable laugh, becoming almost a cue for them to laugh as well.

At one point I looked over at Holly for her infectious laugh, but only a stern face hung there.

The joke that set her off: My mom always told me that cigarettes would stunt my growth... I said well maybe you shouldn't have smoked when you were pregnant... I'm 5ft 1"--three inches away from midget-tude.

Holly's reply: "I'm four-foot-ten!"

The audience responded with a loud cheer. She had thrown me for a loop, and the audience with her.

Cloverleaf's grilled chicken sandwich and salad the less guilty option!

The first comic to take me on the road, Susan Jones told me the best shows are those that are in the moment. That's why people go to live comedy, because it's an experience they can't repeat. Comedy is chaos, but as a comic you need to make it look effortless. Scoping the room is a great tool to get a feel for the crowd.

The Cloverleaf has a warm vibe and reminds me of the small town where I grew up. The audience is always excited to be entertained. The menu at the Cloverleaf is larger than most bar & grills, yet the options center around fried foods, pizzas and burgers, all of which are on my "no-no list!"

No-No List as designed by Comedienne Jennifer Burdette: sugar pop, candy or any other shitty food loaded with white sugar, white flour/white potatoes, fast food, pizza, processed foods, fruit juice (eat the fruit instead), beer, limit your alcohol intake. However, fries are okay as long as you only eat four and you steal them from someone else.

With fun taken out of my life, and suffering the mild disappointment of not partaking in my custom peperoncini and pineapple pizza (my Cloverleaf fave), I decided on the grilled chicken sandwich with salad and garlic balsamic dressing on the side. The chicken was very tender with a light brush of Frank's red sauce, for a mild kick. By asking for light on the cheese and more greens, I was able to minimize my fat intake, which given my normal choice was a vast improvement.

Week 2: 7 shows; 2 yoga classes; 1 heckler; 1 pound lighter

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