Morning Food News: New French Restaurant Opens in Madison Valley, Another Winery Comes to Madrona

Thierry Rautureau opens a French bistro that the common people can dine at.
A French bistro opens for business today at 4 p.m., at the corner of Madison Street and 28th Avenue East, according to Central District News. Luc belongs to Thierry Rautureau , the owner of popular upscale restaurant Rover's, who chatted with us back in March about his new venture. At Luc, you can expect more casual fare like burgers and bourguignon that won't empty your wallet.

Central District News also reports that a new winery will open in Madrona, come mid-May. Bottlehouse - tasting bar, shoppe, urban winery (oy, that's a mouthful) is moving into the Wilridge Winery building at 1416 34th Avenue. They will serve local wine and wine, plus some cured meats and cheeses. And best of all, it will feature an outdoor deck that seats 40. Cheers to that!

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