Make a Mean Burger? The Cheesecake Factory Might Be Interested.

Introducing the glamburger.
Apparently, 200-plus selections weren't enough. So The Cheesecake Factory has expanded its menu to include a new and improved burger section titled "Glamburgers," featuring six new sandwiches inspired by different regions of the United States, e.g. Memphis (bbq pork, cheddar, coleslaw.)

Think you can do better? Now until May 31, you can visit CCF's website to create and submit a virtual burger, using countless toppings, cheeses, and sauces. On June 15, five finalists' entries will be posted for the public to vote on. The winner's concoction will be added to the "Glamburger" menu for a year.

CCF isn't known for skimping on the fixings (read: calories), so the more gluttonous your burger, the better your chance likely is for moving on to the finals.

Good luck!

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