Joule (Almost) Announces 2010 "Urban BBQ" Schedule

Last year, Joule restaurant (1913 N. 45th Street) rocked Wallingford with a series of 14 Sunday suppers all based (more or less) around that most perfect of summer foods: barbecue. And not that it takes a lot to rock Wallingford, necessarily, but still--check out these menu inspirations:

Goat for the very first supper of the year, then "Night of the Iguana" Mexican barbecue. After that was a new England clam boil, a "Night in Tunisia," followed by Southern BBQ (wish I'd been around for that one), something called "Bangkok Express," then Spanish BBQ, then salmon, then food-on-a-stick and fried chicken and BBQ pig. Joule capped off the 2009 summer series with their own country fair on August 30. Reading about it, the whole thing sounded like an awesome time, done 14 times over, but after the country fair, Joule retired the concept for another year.

Until today.

The announcement just came down that they're going to be doing the whole thing over again this year, and the start date has been called: Sunday, June 6. According to the restaurant's Facebook/Twitter page: "Joule's ambitious, bigger and better than ever urban bbq will start on Sunday June 6th! Tour schedule and ticket information coming soon!!!"

So no word yet on the whats, whens or how-much-es, but I'll be keeping an eye on things for you. And the minute a schedule and details are announced, I'll let you know.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Carolina BBQ and a reprise of food-on-sticks night...

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