Hamburger Robots and Foodie World Records

Mexico has already stolen the world record for longest hot dog, and now this? (where I go for all my news about robots and giant hamburgers) has put out an alert today that those tricky Canadians are using robots to try and walk off with the world record for largest hamburger.

The standing record is currently held by the Guinness Burger at Mallie's Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, Michigan (natch), which clocked in at an impressive 185.6 pounds, all told--breaking the former record of 164.8 pounds which was...also set by Mallie's.

But the evil Canadian burger-making robot? That mother can cook (and automatically flip!) a burger which, in its finished form, will weigh 590 pounds--more than triple the weight of Mallie's biggest burger and soundly kicking the stuffing out of the American record.

The Burger-mo-Tron 9000 in action
Though the first test of the Burger-mo-Tron 9000 (okay, so that's not really the name, but the device, created by Napoleon Gourmet Grills, doesn't actually have a name, so that's what I'm calling it) went off this morning in Toronto, the people from Guinness have not yet certified the results. Which gives us Americans a little bit of time to get out there, build one of our own hamburger robots, and show those Celine Dion-lovin' poutine-eaters what it means to be Americans, right?


Okay, so maybe not. As Americans, we are not only fond of incredibly large foods (and robots), but we're also lazy as fuck. So if the Canadians think that their burger robots are better than our burger robots, well... Whatever. Let them have their fun. Because, food-wise, we still hold the record for...

World's largest popcorn ball, from the Popcorn Factory in Lake Forest, Illinois.

World's tallest gingerbread house (67 feet), at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minneapolis.

World's largest meatball, from Matthew Mitnitsky, owner of Nonni's Italian Eatery in Concord, New Hampshire.

World's largest slab of fudge, from William Nicklosovich and Peppermint Jim Crosby at Lansing Community College. Final weight: 5200 pounds.

Most eggs held in one hand for ten seconds? 17, by Rob Beaton in Ocean Gate, New Jersey.

Largest plate of nachos, 3,555 pounds, 48 feet long, courtesy of the Northstar Church in Frisco, Texas.

Farthest thrown banana: 131 feet 11 inches, Cody Cahoon, Virginia

Largest collection of miniature cows made from SPAM? 36 cows, from Arsenio Santos, of San Francisco. And while that's probably not any kind of world record, I just thought it was funny that this guy had gone to the trouble to carve 36 cows out of SPAM.

Take that, Canada!

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