Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody!
Between SIFF, the LOST finale and everyone's preparations for the long Memorial Day weekend, it's possible that you missed some


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Chicken Nuggets, Cotton Candy and PBR

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody!
Between SIFF, the LOST finale and everyone's preparations for the long Memorial Day weekend, it's possible that you missed some of what we were serving over here at Voracious. And that's okay. We understand how busy things can get.

But just in case you're curious about the news of the week, I've assembled it all for you here--in convenient digest format. We begin with...

Ever wondered how to get seriously effed up on caffeine without resorting to those little wakey-wakey pills? We can tell you where to go.

Ever wonder where to find the best Grand Slam-style breakfast experience in the city? Versus is there for you. (Hint: it's probably not where you think...)

Or what about finding a fast-food KFC Famous Bowl with rice? (Another hint: you're shit out of luck.)

If you ever thought that pizza in its plain old, normal, triangular configuration was just too dull, boy do we have a place for you (of course, you have to get to Manhattan first). And also, unless you're Tom Wolfe, you should probably lay off the exclamation points when devising the name of your new restaurant.

With pizza out of the way, Grillaxin' this week took on Andy Muzzin from Schultzy's who talked about burgers, lunch rushes and sausages, natch.

And then, with burgers, brats AND pizza handled, our Urbana Legends project went and made some stir-fry just the way them Midwestern Methodist ladies like it (which is, apparently, gray).

Our Happy Hours correspondent went to Sonrisa to bring back some booze news. Surly Gourmand brought the vitriol to the shitty (read: awesome) Super Buffet while, for Tequila Tuesday, we went looking for fat-free margaritas at Cactus (and here, I always thought ALL margaritas were fat-free...).

As regular as clockwork, Wednesday brought the week's review--Chiso this time around, for some excellent raw fish and even better live theatre. And then there was the almost-as-regular slideshow to follow it--all about the sushi and the ippin this week.

Oh, yes you are, little buddy...
So how do you follow up something like that? With Seattle's Top Five fake meat meals, of course. And with news about liquor stores, liquor stores and more liquor stores.

With the holiday weekend fast approaching, our minds turned to thoughts of fried chicken and BBQ, beginning at the Waterwheel, then veering off into a brief discussion of beer (and beer advertising), before getting back to the BBQ again with a list of do's and don't's for all you backyard heroes.

Oh, and then some pictures of other people roasting whole pigs, too.

Ballard came in big this week with announcements of four different restaurant openings. The guys from Schultzy's reappeared with a kick-ass coleslaw recipe. And the Artisinal Brasserie? It failed to blow Surly's mind.

With things winding down for the week, we made a little detour into chain restaurant land to discuss the report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest naming the worst foods currently being sold by chain restaurants (health-wise), then made up for making you feel bad about yourself by telling you where to score $2 burgers, dogs and cotton candy.

If Casino Jack makes you hate America, pupusas from Guanaco's Tacos will make you hate it less--at least according to our Dinner & A Movie correspondent. (He's probably right.) You know what make you even sadder, though? The fact that Pabst Brewing has been sold. All you hipsters? You gonna be drinkin' for The Man now.

Sweet Freak took on Magic Shell--the ice cream topping that "magically" hardens (provided you pay strict attention to all the complicated directions).

And finally, we all had a helluva time playing Guess Where I'm Eating this week--the first time that I almost stumped you good people. This one seriously went right down to the wire, with the final guess coming in more than a day after the question had been posted, and just a few minutes before I gave it away. Excellent job, Seattle. Your record remains untarnished.

So that, my friends, is the week in review. Click through any of those links to get to the stories in question if you're interested and, in the meantime, have a great long weekend. We'll see you all back here after the festivities are done and all of our hangovers have faded away.

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