Because you were busy planning for Cochon 555 . Because you were getting your free pie from Curio Confections . Because you were avoiding the


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Bacon Smuggling, Barbecue and More Barbecue

Because you were busy planning for Cochon 555. Because you were getting your free pie from Curio Confections. Because you were avoiding the Tea Partiers by having yourself an actual tea party or maybe just relaxing with an espresso (but sans newspaper or wireless device) at Vivace. Whatever your reason for missing this week's action on the Voracious blog, we're here for you with another wrap-up of all the week's best (or weirdest) stories. And this week we start right off with...

The big cheesecake smack-down courtesy of Versus: Two cheesecakes enter, one cheesecake leaves. Can you guess who won?

Over at the 5 Spot, we had three days of 1990 prices in celebration of the joint's 20th anniversary. Then we hit Ivar's for some of Seattle's essential fish and chips and rolled right on into the Pussy Room at Copper Gate with the Surly Gourmand as our guide.

Entrance to the Copper Gate's Pussy Room

We brought you the video for Gram Lampton's Timecrowave (courtesy of Saturday Night Live) and all the giant cats and paradoxes that came with it, got a date for the opening of the new Boom Noodle in University Village, and talked to Brittany Bardeleben--pie mistress at Betty and Crow.

For our Urbana Legends project, we got our first recipe for a "salad" with no greens in it (though it did have plenty of marshmallows). Happy Hours did the Wednesday special PB&J and PBR at Ravena Alehouse while our tequila correspondent communed with the yuppies to drink yuzu margaritas at Umi Sake House.

On Tuesday, the Pioneer Square revitalization battle continued with a call-to-arms to sandwich makers, fans and friends of Emmer & Rye turned out in droves to tell me just what kind of an asshole they thought I was, and we got an announcement from Joule that it would be taking on the world this year with its 2010 Urban BBQ series.

Ever wonder where to get the best, freshest veggies in the city? We let you know with our list of the Top Five CSA's (community Supported Agriculture projects) in the area.

We lost Brasa in Belltown this week.

Ditto the Roanoke (maybe). And Squid & Ink.

But we gained a banh mi shop on Broadway and saw the openings of both Majorie and June.

After that it was just barbecue, barbecue and more barbecue. We talked about Cochon 555 going on this weekend, followed that with a discussion of the pig roast happening at Fresh Bistro, and then added some detail to Joule's BBQ world tour. Oh, and because there's no such thing as too much BBQ news, we also played a round of Guess Where I'm Eating (where I almost stumped you...but not for long), and the Crocksman whipped up a batch of Crock Pot pulled pork.

We let you know that El Mestizo was going to start serving weekend breakfasts (beginning tomorrow).

The Serb got to was forced to eat SPAM musubi at Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant (see what I mean about the BBQ?).

Surly braved the schlock and cheesy bread at Pasta Freska.

"Look out, MacGruber! This burrito is going to explode!"

Ethan Stowell announced that he was going to be selling his original restaurant, Union, and opening Staple & Fancy in Ballard.

Thumbnail image for ChocoCoke.JPG
I'll take a half pound of the cocaine truffles, please
Tat's Deli is getting a new home (complete with a beer and wine license).

And finally, we offered the city of Seattle some suggestions on how NOT to smuggle drugs in food. The worst idea (statistically speaking) appears to be hiding syringes inside burritos. For all the rest, you'll just have to click through this link and read about them yourself.

And that, my friends, was the week that was. I'll see you here again bright and early Monday morning for more news, booze, cheese and sleaze, but until then, have a great weekend, Seattle.

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