Mother nature has never known colors like this...
So... What did you do this week?

Here at Voracious World Headquarters, we spent the week eating


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Eating Bugs, Truffled Popcorn and The Ripper

Mother nature has never known colors like this...
So... What did you do this week?

Here at Voracious World Headquarters, we spent the week eating ice cream, comparing popcorn, and getting down with Betty White's muffin. We hung out with Dezi Bonow from Dahlia Lounge, got some good news from the folks over at Top Chef and spent a lot of time talking about cheese. Oh, and along the way we also launched our Seattle's Essential Dishes project (which will be continuing for a good, long time) and still managed to find time to eat more dim sum than was probably healthy for ten stout men. It was a good time. Busy, but more fun than a sack full of chimps and whiskey.

But in case you all were out there in the world having more fun than us (and therefore unable to be in front of your computers for every little post and tweet and update), I have once again boiled down the entire week's worth of news down into one, easy-to-digest wrap-up. All the best stuff is here. And it gets started right after the jump.

On Monday, we sent our coffee correspondent to Kauai, Hawaii just to get taste of the java there. Okay, not really. She was going anyway. But seriously, how cool would it be if we had that kind of budget?

Bottomfeeder did a tour of those joints in Seattle doing serious Louisiana-style crawfish boils. All two of them.

We found out that everybody's favorite Korean-Hawaiian-Latino food truck, Marination Mobile, would be adding Columbia City to its route. Good news for them, but it still sucks to be an Eastsider.

In Versus, it was a truffled popcorn smackdown between Oliver's Twist and Swirl Wine Bar--though in my opinion, the winner of any contest like that would be the place that didn't make me eat popcorn doused in truffle oil.

We got to tell jokes about Betty White's muffin thanks to another killer Saturday Night Live installment of NPR's "Delicious Dish" with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer...

...talked about how much the Japanese would pay for a square watermelon (the answer: $225 USD, apparently)....

...and chatted with Dezi Bonow, sous chef at Dahlia Lounge, about Taco Del Mar, Tom Douglas and Conan O'Brien.


We had some big ice cream news on Tuesday, for those who are into such things, then talked about the new "Glamburger" menu at the Cheesecake Factory and how you can get your own burger listed among the country's quote/unquote best.

See what I mean?
Our Julia-And-Julia style cookbook project, Urbana Legends, cooked up some spinach-topped baked tomatoes that looked just nasty (but apparently tasted pretty good).

Like happy hours? Like golf? Well how 'bout both together?

For Seattle's Essential Dishes, we had BBQ pork hombow from Mee Sum Pastry, two beers at the Athenian, and gyros from Mawadda Cafe.

In the meantime, the Surly Gourmand was getting all mysterious at one of those underground dinner parties--AOPC's in particular--and The Crocksman made himself some beef stew out of questionable leftovers. Kinda.

Wednesday was review day: Macky's Dim Sum this week. Which, as always, came complete with its own slideshow.

And what goes great with dim sum? Foie gras ice cream, of course. We listed the five grossest sounding ice cream flavors available in the area, ate them all, and decided that most of them actually tasted pretty good. Well, except for the durian ice cream from Matt's in the Market.

We made some midget jokes on Wednesday.

Then talked about eating bugs.

And mysterious celebrities who love crab sandwiches.

And normal, non-mysterious people making (and eating) grilled cheese sandwiches in advance of the Seattle Cheese Festival this weekend.

We got a recipe for kimchi clams on Thursday, which don't really go well with cheesecakes--even though we found ourselves turning to you, the readers, for a read on the city's best.

Word came down that Eric Ripert would be judging the new season of Top Chef, and that the new season would be taking place in Washington D.C. while not including anyone at all from the Pacific Northwest (which was good, because now I don't have to feel guilty about not watching).

After that, we (meaning I) talked some shit about patio dining

, got to watch Daisley Gordon from Campagne assemble one of the best looking fancy-pants hamburgers I've seen in quite some time, and then got more news on Seattle's newest French breakfast from the same place.

Pike Place Market went to the dogs on Friday afternoon.

Dinner & A Movie dealt with Babies and tempura (not, we should add, in the same place).

Sweet Freak went all nostalgic for the '80's and Baskin-Robbins.

And that, my dear friends, was the week that was. Check back in bright and early Monday morning for another week's worth of all the food news that matters, right here on Voracious.

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