Fire performer image courtesy of DanceCircus .
We understand. You're still recovering from celebrating the James Beard Awards , your Kentucky Derby party , and


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Pirates, Shirtless Chefs and Pranks Gone Wrong

Fire performer image courtesy of DanceCircus.
We understand. You're still recovering from celebrating the James Beard Awards, your Kentucky Derby party, and eating too many peanut butter bacon burgers (at our suggestion). So maybe you didn't catch everything we were slingin' this week on Voracious.

But that's cool, baby. We're here for you. So here's all the best of what we had this week, in one convenient format. You want to know what happens when you get drunk and your buddies put an eel in your butt? We can tell you (it ain't pretty). Want to know what to eat while watching the ponies run at Emerald Downs or why the coffee at the airport is so shamefully sucky? We've got you covered.

We do this because we love you. And because we're all shameless pimps for our own material. Like Ice Cube says, "Pimpin' ain't easy, but it's necessary." So click through the jump and see what you might've been going on in Blog-o-Land while you were out doing...whatever.

There's a reason why this eel is so pissed
One eel + one wrong orifice = the worst prank EVER. You know how your mom always warned you that it was all fun and games until someone loses an eye? Yeah, well this is so much worse.

Luckily, though, this was not the only news of the day. We also had a stretch put on the hours at Agua Verde Cafe, talked to Nancy Karis, the soup chef at Salumi, and tested out a recipe for monkey bread courtesy of those crazy ladies over at the Urbana United Methodist Church.

Looking for a place to drink and eat macaroni and cheese? The answer to that question is always yes, and we found the perfect spot for it. And once you've had your fill of cocktails and cheese, how 'bout some tequila to wash it all down? Again, we've got you covered.

On Tuesday, we got word that Jason Wilson of Crush had brought the James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest home to Seattle, and that was huge. And on top of that, we also had the results from the 14th Annual Chowder Cookoff at the Edgewater Hotel which was... Okay, not quite as big a deal, but still cool, right?

Still, the biggest story of the week might've been the news that American Idol Suck King Shame Whore competitor Sanjaya Malakar jad found a new job. In Seattle. Doing what he does best(ish). Can you guess what it is?

If that didn't move you, then there was also the week's review of Huong Binh down in the International District, a Top Five report on the best local chef's blogs and advice on where to go to get weird on Cinco de Mayo--or really, any other dayo de Mayo you like.

Our own Surly Gourmand was down at the Palace Ballroom to get a look at Mario Batali and his stupid shoes, and came back with this report on the goings on. Jen Seaman talked about lobster tacos, blue hairs, barbershop quartets and dieting (kinda) on the road while doing stand-up. And we debuted our first-ever chef tattoo slideshow which, among other things, had this guy.

You're welcome, ladies.

This was followed by a report on the state of Washington getting out of the booze business, complaints about the film crews downtown getting in the way of my lunch, a dispatch from Norm's on cheap drinks that'll get cheaper the worse the Mariners suck, news about Seattle Beer Week, free pizza for cyclists and an update from the Benbow Room which, unsurprisingly, kicked off a whole bunch of posts about (or vaguely related to) pirates.

On Thursday, we had news from the Volunteer Park Cafe (on its expansion and urban chicken operation), more news about the new Copperleaf Restaurant, and a little bit of ranting about Canadian hamburger robots. That was a good day. And it was capped off by Paseo's Cuban Roast sandwich being named second-best sandwich in America by a bunch of idiots who, if they knew anything, would've said it was the hands-down first-best and not given the big prize to some ridiculous conglomeration of grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers in Arizona. I'm just sayin'...

Dinner & a Movie did Iron Man 2 at Pacific Place and grilled cheese sandwiches at Paddy Coyne's.

The Serb got fed pad Thai at May Thai.

We offered up a hit of wicked food porn from Huong Binh.

And that, my friends, was the week that was. Now get out there and have a good weekend, and we'll see you back here bright and early on Monday morning with all the food news (and pirates) that you can stomach.

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