Friday Food Porn: Getting More Pork in You at Huong Binh

Photo courtesy Peter Mumford
No matter how much you get out, how often you dine, how far and wide your tastes range, eventually you'll come across a dish that you have no idea how to eat. There will be implements. There will be ingredients both familiar and strange. There will be plates and bowls and a whole crowd of gawking locals who you suddenly feel are watching you--just waiting for you to put the wrong thing in the wrong place and bring shame to yourself and your people.

Photo courtesy Peter Mumford
Bringing shame to myself and my people--there are days when that more or less defines my raison d'etre. Fifteen years in kitchens, nearly ten more spent eating professionally and writing about it amateurishly, and I still can be bewildered by the simple interactions between knife, fork and food--especially when there are no knives, no forks and I'm not completely sure what is food and what is decoration.

But at a place like Huong Binh (which I reviewed this week), no amount of shame or humiliation could keep me from digging in and eating everything put before me. And lucky for us, intrepid photographer Peter Mumford followed right along behind me taking pictures of all the best that Huong Binh had to offer.

So if you're looking for a little bit of a primer before heading down into the I.D. this weekend for duck soup and crepe shooters, check out the slideshow we have running and see what's waiting for you. The only thing better than the pictures we have are eating the dishes themselves, and I promise you won't be disappointed by either.

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