Food, Ink: For Those About To Cook

It's been a long time comin', but our photo essay on Seattle's galley-centric body art is finally up and running over in the slideshows section. From the intro:

Food is nourishment for our bodies, art nourishment for our souls. Put them together and you have "Kitchen Ink", a photo-documentary featuring some of Seattle's best (and best-inked) chefs.

So if you ever wanted to see Larkin Young of Tilth with his shirt off, Brendan McAuliffe's straight-up Kill Bill sleeves, Jason Todd Rice flashing his yin yang or Vanessa Wesley's raison d'etre sketched into her skin, this is the place.

Click on through using this link here. And if you know of some other inked chefs (or if you're a chef with some gastronomic body art you'd like to show off to the world), be sure to drop a line and let us know. I'd love to do a second volume of this essay covering those we might've missed. And the next time through, maybe I'll even stand to have a shot snapped of mine...

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