First Call: Sully's Lounge Fits in Nisly

Sully's Justin Nisly showing off his Irish green
The Watering Hole: Sully's Lounge, 1625 Queen Anne Ave N. QUEEN ANNE

The Atmosphere: Situated on the top of Queen Anne, Sully's is one of the few establishments open past midnight on a weekday that doesn't have to wrangle in its patrons with a loud band like Paragon or come equipped with a bouncer like the bars on the lower hillside. Instead, a dog water dish skillfully placed near the front door lures thirsty four legged creatures and their equally thirsty owners to the modest neighborhood bar. Referred to as an Irish pub, Sully's lacks any cheesy leprechaun memorabilia and prefers to focus on its well-crafted drinks and robust conversation rather than interior design.

The Barkeep: Justin Nisly (pronounced Nice-ly), who juggles working at West Seattle's Shadowland along with Angelina's--on top of taking care of his 5-month old daughter Olivia, who he joked will be nicknamed "Liv Nisly." Born in Philadelphia, Justin has lived in 13 states before deciding to settle down in the Emerald city.

The Drink: Don't ask for anything special unless Justin's tending the bar, as Sully's is known for its beverages on tap rather than over ice. "We usually just give out shots and beer," Justin said, adding that occasionally there will be a brave soul asking for his true favorite: the Irish Trashcan. Just like its name suggests, the drink is a dumpster full of pure liquor such as gin, vodka, Bacardi rum, Jameson, and Blue Curacao all poured into a pint glass and topped off with a splash of Red Bull that serves more as a chaser than an actual mixer. Judging by the look on my face, Justin opted to mix up a more stomach pleasing Gin Gypsy consisting of well gin, grapefruit juice and Scrappy's Bitters, adding "I don't want to kill you."

sully's good sign.jpg
After an Irish Trashcan, you might be seeing triple

The Verdict: Not as bitter as I imagined. Although, one drink wouldn't leave me stumbling out of the bar like the Irish Trashcan, it would be the perfect early morning mimosa replacement. Since Sully's doesn't have an abundance of freshly squeezed juice, Justin's improvising left me hydrated and eager to order it again when the back patio opens up for warmer weather. Word of advice: drink the Gin Gipsy fast because once the ice melts (and there's no decorative ring of fruit to squeeze), you'll be left with a watery beverage that anything with four paws outside would happily devour.

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