Date On The Books for New Boom Noodle Opening

What do you think they're looking for? My guess: bats
Steve Rosen and James Allard are busy guys. They've got five Blue C Sushi restaurants already up and running (and I mean that literally--they're all kaiten joints, the kinds with the conveyor belts). They've got two Boom Noodle noodle shops (one in Capitol Hill and another in Bellevue Square). And now, they've settled on a date for the opening of their newest Boom location: July 1.

The new restaurant is going into the space formerly occupied by Atlas Foods in the University Village Mall--a location that's already (conveniently) home to one of the five Blue C locations. Construction on the space (as shown in the snap above) got underway in April and involved what was essentially a complete tear-down of the Atlas space and a brand new build-out.

That said, the guys from Blue C and Boom have called the July 1 date themselves, talking about it both on the Boom Noodle blog and their Twitter page. Which gives them about a month and a half to get the new joint up and running before hordes of noodle-loving early-adopters (me included) start lining up out front with chopsticks in hand.

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