American Idol Sanjaya Malakar Now Working, Singing at Pagliacci Pizza

What this man really wants to know is whether you'd like some salad or a two-liter Pepsi with that pepperoni microphone.
Every first Monday of each month, the Broadway affiliate of Pagliacci Pizza stages a standup comedy night. And last night, according to one of the performers, an unexpected guest showed up--with no presumed intention of performing.

That guest: American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar, who, says our source, rolled in with a group of friends, ordered some pizza, and took a seat as the comics went through their paces. There was a palpable "Is that who we think it is?" buzz about the pizzeria, a buzz that was confirmed when "Sanjaya, your pizza is ready!" was called out on the loudspeaker.

It wasn't long before Malakar was coaxed to the stage, where he sang an acapella version of a lone original song that our source didn't recognize before approximately 30 people. He then returned to his seat and politely took in the rest of the show.

Lots of people, local celebrities even, likely pay a visit to the iconic local chain. But how many can say they get an employee discount?

Malakar can: Pagliacci's corporate office just confirmed that Malakar was recently hired to work at one of its pizzerias, although they wouldn't disclose which location (it's not Broadway), for fear of a mob scene.

But really, what does Pag's have to worry about? It's not like the dude is a peacock or anything.

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