You Know What We Need? Another Pho Shop in Pioneer Square!

And it appears that's just what we're going to be getting--at least at some point--with the coming of Pho Fuchsia in the space formerly occupied by the Art Forte gallery at 213 1st Avenue.

I rolled by this place (without my camera, of course...) while coming back from the I.D. on Monday. Exterior signage seems to be in place. There's brown paper over the windows, which is generally a sign of interior work ongoing. But with at least a half-dozen Vietnamese outfits already in operation close by (including, but certainly not limited to, Cafe Hue, Cafe Pho and Green Leaf), with other noodle shops like Ferry Noodle House up and running within stumbling distance, and with Little Saigon just five minute's drive away on a good day, I'm wondering... Other than an unusual name, what, exactly, will Pho Fuchsia have to set it apart from the competition?

As always, my hope is that it will serve the best pho in the history of all mankind. I hope this every time I see a new pho shop opening. And the funny thing is, maybe half the time, my wish comes true. Pho is just one of those dishes--like tacos or tortas or baklava or gyros--where its goodness seems directly related to availability: the closer the source, the better the product appears to be. And with Fuchsia opening just a few minutes walk from my office, I'm expecting excellence.

The phone is currently going unanswered and I've yet to see any action on the street (delivery trucks, window signs, etc.), but I'm going to be keeping my eye out. As soon as I know more, you'll know more.

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