Will Blog for Food: A Garden Party Full of T & A


Will Blog for Food: A Garden Party Full of T & A

  • Will Blog for Food: A Garden Party Full of T & A

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    Amy signing a copy of her book
    "T" as in Tom Douglas and "A" as in Amy Pennington. Do you know Amy Pennington? For years she was Tom Douglas' assistant, radio producer and all around go-to gal. Now, not only is she the powerhouse behind Go Go Green Garden, she's an author, recently penning Urban Pantry: Tips and Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable and Seasonal Kitchen.

    Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to an uber-intimate cookbook release party at Palace Ballroom. The place was full of Pennington's close friends and family and those who wanted to be first in line to buy Pennington's book (which officially hits shelves Thursday). It was a big "thank you" celebration to honor those who have been most supportive during all of this publishing business. More importantly, it was a chance for Pennington to shine, to relax with a glass of wine and a plate of food while signing copies of her book for her adoring fans.

    Spotted among the crowd: Thierry Rautureau of Rover's, Douglas, Jody Hall of Cupcake Royale, Kurt Timmermeister of Kurtwood Farms, and our own Voracious alumnus, Angela Garbes of Publicola.

    Food consisted of fresh herb compound butter on Gwen's wheat flax bread; Ajvar Lola's pita bread; milk-braised pork shoulder with sage; and spiced kibbe sliders, among other treats from Amy's book.

    One of the highlights of the night: the hosted bar. It's rare these days to find a party with a hosted bar (which translates to free drinks). Bartenders were pouring complimentary glasses of Snoqualmie Vineyards wine. For those of you who haven't heard, Amy explains, "Snoqualmie Vineyards has a winery in Prosser and makes organic and sustainable wines from their well-tended vineyards that are planted with cover crop and use water conservation practices - crucial for minimal environmental impact in hot and dry eastern Washington."

    The evening also featured games. There was a trivia competition and a raffle. One lucky gal won a $100 gift certificate from Metropolitan Market. Another winner walked away with an exclusive Limited Edition Coach Garden Tote (retailing at $2,400) which was raffled off at the end of the night. The gorgeous number came full of goodies such as local wines, Urban Pantry-fied preserves and more.

    At the end of the night, each guest got to take home a little paper bag of goodies. My bag contained Pennington's spicy pecans -- I kid you not, the most delicious pecans I've ever tasted and I'm not just saying that because I'm friends with her. Sure, they might taste a TEENSY bit better because I know the chef, but you seriously need to get your hands on some. Better yet, make them yourself (you can find the recipe in Pennington's book).

    You'll go nuts for Amy's...nuts.
    My favorite line of the evening came when Pennington took the mic to address the crowd. As she finished her thank yous, she said something along the lines of, "Now, I'm going to get my ass over to the table and sign some books," wherein Douglas responded, "You don't have an ass!" Amy quickly quipped, "You're right. I'm all T and no A."
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