Via Tribunali, Caffe Vita Owner Popped for DUI, Assault, Hit and Run

Michael McConnell, who owns Via Tribunali and Caffe Vita, has been charged with DUI, hit and run, and assault following an accident near Seattle University on March 31, reports (McConnell also has stakes in Pike Street Fish Fry and the Crocodile.)

We're awaiting a call back from McConnell or someone in his camp (4/14 Update: Here's McConnell's die of the story), but here's some of what Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has to say about the alleged incident: "According to a police report, a man told police he was sitting in his car waiting for the light at James St and Broadway at about 6:00pm on March 31st when black Mercedes, apparently occupied by McConnell, crashed into him from behind. Both drivers pulled off of the road but, the report says, but McConnell refused to give the victim his information. The report notes the victim smelled alcohol on McConnell's breath."

Continues Jonah: "McConnell's attorney--who was driving another vehicle behind McConnell--tried to intervene, the police report says, and told the victim "they would give him $1,500 to pay for the vehicle damages and not call police." McConnell then "refused to pay and money," the report says, and walked away from the scene. According to the report, McConnell returned a short time later, grabbed the victim, and punched him "with both fists in the chest." McConnell then walked off toward the Seattle University campus, leaving his Mercedes at the scene."

Heard of Chili Five-Way? If what the cops are saying McConnell did sticks, that's got to qualify as DUI Five-Way.

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