Southward Water Taxi Move Stands to Be a Boon to Saloon, Martini Cave

"Sorry, kids, we won't be going to Red Robin when we reach shore; I'll be going to Martini Heaven while you wait on the sidewalk."
The bigger, badder West Seattle Water Taxi has a new parking spot, moving five piers south from the Argosy (the tour boat company which operated the vessel on a contract basis until King County took over staffing duties beginning yesterday) dock at Pier 55 to the Washington State Ferry Terminal at Pier 50.

Big whoop, right? If you're Marcus' Martini Heaven kitchen manager Terry Howser, definitely.

Used to be, adults waiting for the Water Taxi settled in for oft-overpriced drinks at Red Robin or Elliott's, those being the closest bars to where the vessel docked. Now, the two closest bars to the new slip are the Pioneer Square Saloon and Marcus'--and they're more than prepared to send Water Taxi passengers sailing off with a bodacious buzz.

"We're aware of the ferry dock situation. We even have a ferry person discount during happy hour," says Howser, whose subterranean bar's happy hour runs from 3-6 Monday through Friday and 6-9 Saturday. "I've also been trying to put a sign down by the dock that has our lunch on there. We definitely utilize the ferry docks--probably not to its full potential yet, but we're working on it."

Over at Elliott's, general manager Tom Arthur professed ignorance to the Water Taxi's disappearance from his dock, yet exhibited no signs of panic when faced with the news. "This is the first I've heard of it. Honestly, I don't know if it'll have much of an impact," he says.

But did people ever while away some time over a cocktail at his bar while waiting for their ship to come in? "Probably; it's hard to tell," replies Arthur. "I see the people waiting for [an Argosy] cruise a lot more."

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