Morning Food News: Capitol Hill Scores a Butcher Shop This Friday, Greenlake Gets Back Its Baskin-Robbins

Rain Shadow Meats will offer a specialty salami.
Seattle is turning into a major meat market -- in the culinary sense, anyway. We reported yesterday that local artisan meat chain Bill the Butcher opened a fourth shop in Madison Valley. Today, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog provides a tip that another butcher shop is opening in the Melrose Market between Pike and Pine Streets.

Rain Shadow Meats is scheduled to open for business on Friday, April 23. All meats will be cured on-site, including a special house salami available only at the shop and at Sitka and Spruce.

If fermented, air-dried meat doesn't whet your appetite, here's another news tidbit: The Baskin-Robbins in Greenlake is back up and running, following a two-week hiatus, according to My Green Lake.

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