I Want to Eat This Right Now: Poutine Pizza

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is
We've done a lot of talking about pizzas on this blog over the past couple weeks. We've discussed New York pizzas versus Chicago deep-dish pizzas, what are the best pizzas in town and whether or not their are actually any decent pizzas at all.

But now, from our neighbors to the north, comes this: the poutine pizza, available at Brado Pizza in Vancouver, BC (at 1399 Commercial Drive for those of you thinking of taking a spin).

I may be something of a pizza snob. I might get downright feisty about certain hard-and-fast rules I have for pizza construction and enjoyment. But this poutine pie? It sounds awesome.

Sure, I might be wrong. Maybe it's just the end of the day and I'm really, really hungry. But honest to Jesus, this thing looks so good to me right now that I'm seriously considering licking my computer screen. And what's not to love, after all? From the look of the thing, it's a regular, thin-ish pizza crust, topped with french fries (which are good), with melted cheese curds (which are double-good), and then sauced with rich, thick beefy brown gravy. To me, that just sounds like salty, beefy, cheesy, gravy-y goodness, all mounded up on a convenient, easy to hold, poutine transportation device (the crust). Kinda like eating chili off the blade of a shovel, provided the shovel was, you know...edible.

According to reports, Brado also does potato pesto pizza, offers cheap slices, is open late (which I'm guessing was the inspiration for the poutine pie), and will deliver poutine right to your door if you ask. Probably not to my door, but still. I first heard about the poutine pizza over at Slice, the seriouseats.com all-pizza site. For reasons I can not fathom, the Slice writer didn't seem as thrilled about the potential of poutine pizza as I am, but while I was there, I also stumbled across this: a (semi) canonical list of all known pizza styles. It wasn't enough to make me forget the poutine pizza at Brado, but it did distract me for a few minutes.

Of course, now I'm just even hungrier.

So seriously, if I were to leave right now, how long would it take me to get to Vancouver?

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