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I want this creepy, creepy little girl to be the new Voracious mascot
It was another big week here at Voracious World HQ. Here's what


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Coffee, Donuts, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Cheeseburgers Shaped Like Hot Dogs

grilled cheese.jpg
I want this creepy, creepy little girl to be the new Voracious mascot
It was another big week here at Voracious World HQ. Here's what you might've missed while helping me to define Seattle through its food.

First and foremost, we had the debut of our new coffee columnist, bright and early Monday morning (because what better time is there for writing about coffee than when most people need it the most?). This was followed by one of the most soul-crushing and nausea-inducing Versus columns ever--pitting the cuisine of the local 7-Eleven against that of the nearest Chevron gas station. Nice way to start the day, right?

Bottomfeeder hit the Roanoke Inn on Mercer Island--a historic dive hidden in plain sight amid the wealth of The Rock. We got some news about the opening of Bill the Butcher at 2911 East Madison, discussed the perils of less-than-diligent proofreading, and, last but not least, I popped off an ode to the joys of Dunkin' Donuts, drunkenness and drug abuse all as a way to introduce the finalists in that company's create-your-own-donut contest. And dude, that was just Monday.

Tuesday saw the start of our three-part Grillaxin' interview with Renee Erickson of Boat Street Kitchen and brought news of yet another new butcher shop opening--this one called Rain Shadow Meats, debuting in the Melrose Market.

For those of you looking for a bit of history, we now have Parisa Sadrzadeh, who'll be cooking her way through the Urbana Legends cookbook--an ancient tome put together by parishoners at the United Methodist Church of Urbana, Ohio, more years ago than any of them probably want to admit. Tuesday saw her first entry: a Recipe for a Happy Day. Charming, right? And their version didn't even include whiskey or a blowjob.

Surly Gourmand picked a brilliant fight with a bunch of knuckleheads over the pizza at Proletariat. In the meantime, the rest of us were trying to come up with the five healthiest chain restaurant meals in order to counteract the terrible influence of the KFC Double Down.

On Wednesday, Surly Gourmand was back again, this time talking about Portage (and your mom).

I got to write about the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and his announcement that eating chicken will make you gay.

First Call sucked down the Jager and Red Bull at Aura.

And, because I can never get enough of Breakfast Club references, Jonathan Waxman jokes or looking back at my own questionable past, we ran down a whole list of the best of the worst professional cooking trends of the '80s and what using them today says about you as a chef. (Here's a hint: none of them say anything good.)

After that, we were already sprinting toward the weekend. But there was still some business to attend to--like the call for entries into the Seattle Cheese Festival's grilled cheese sandwich contest (from whence sprang that picture of the little girl at the top of this column which I want to have made into commemorative Voracious blog T-shirts immediately), the announcement of Nellie's reopening in Ballard, the Chocolate Shoebox rolling in Greenwood and Mioposto causing Surly to have to break out the golf spikes just to get a slice of pizza.

Dinner & a Movie did Kick Ass and Shorty's as a perfect two-fer and we sold out a bunch of 50%-off restaurant gift certificates to those who were quick enough to get in on the deal.

At the Marco Polo Saloon, we experienced both inspiration (to go after-dark dumpster diving in Georgetown) and depression (over the loss of that bar's memorable grinders). Sweet Freak gave a big ol' WTF to a Trader Joe's PB&J candy bar with potato chips in it (go figure ...). And finally this week?

Humbow from Mee Sum Pastry. Which, not for nothing, is damn near the perfect way to cap off any week in my opinion.

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