Because we're guessing that some of you out there are still recovering from this week's Voracious Tasting & Seattle Weekly Food Awards , here's what


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Cannibalism, Corn Dogs, Santa Clause and People Who Eat Their Pets

Because we're guessing that some of you out there are still recovering from this week's Voracious Tasting & Seattle Weekly Food Awards, here's what you might've missed while calling in hungover from life.

Starting bright and early Monday morning, we had our weekly food face-off. This week's contestants? Eggs, both deviled and soft, coming at you from Seastar and Anchovies & Olives. You'll have to click through the link to see who won that battle. And then, with breakfast out of the way, don't miss the rundown on the burgers at De Luxe Bar & Grill or a Mike Seely's discussion of the haute cuisine now on offer at Safeco Field.

We had news of Danes striking after being told they were no longer allowed to drink on the job (and who among us wouldn't do the same?), an insider's report from the "uber-intimate cookbook release party at Palace Ballroom" for Amy Pennington's Urban Pantry: Tips and Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable and Seasonal Kitchen. courtesy of Will Blog For Food. And then, the big news: Seattle's University District farmers market getting tagged as one of the country's best by Travel + Leisure magazine. This was nice because, just two days later, we would be handing down the Pellegrini Award to Chris Curtis, director of the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, and the person who started the U District market lo these many moons ago.

Speaking of the Food Awards, a lot of our coverage for the next two or three days revolved around preparations for or mopping-up operations following the big party at the Paramount. There was our interview with Chef Showdown competitor Jason Stratton of Spinasse who admitted a willingness to go cannibal if it would give him an edge in winning, the sad (but kinda happy) announcement that we'd sold out all the Voracious Tasting tickets before the event even started, the counter-announcement that I'd managed to score a couple sets of giveaway tickets, then the contests which followed (first, a trivia quiz, then a haiku contest). The haiku contest, in particular, was fairly awesome. I'll be collecting some of the best entries for another post later today.

Still, there were things going on in the food world other than our big-ass gastronaut party. Guanaco's Tacos and pupuseria opened its second location on Capitol Hill, we had our three-part Grillaxin' interview with Zephyr Paquette of the Elliot Bay Cafe, the Surly Gourmand talked of his love for Rutger Hauer and the food at Betty (and sold me completely on the idea of Cafe Rutger Hauer, where he and I would eat every day of our lives), while the Crocksman got freaky with his nog.

Roy Batty, patron saint of Cafe Rutger Hauer
On Wednesday, we came up with the definitive list of coffeeshops friendly to laptop users, talked about the Washington State BBQ Championship at Pike Place Market and La Bete's move into the former Chez Gaudy space, got the other side of the story in the Mike McConnell bribery, punching and DUI drama and then all bailed out for the Paramount where we ate too much, drank too much, handed out the Seattle Weekly Food Awards and crowned our first-ever Chef Showdown winner (you can check out a totally awesome slideshow re-cap of the entire event by clicking right here).

After that, our hardy food staff slunk off to our various favorite recovery zones. First Call hit Fu Kun Wu for some herbal remedies (in the shape of cocktails), Surly Gourmand went to Chiang's Gourmet to commune with the Chinese Santa Clause (who decapitates naughty children), Dinner and a Movie hit Tokyo Garden for some teriyaki corn dogs (yes, I said teriyaki corn dogs), and I just made for the nearest bar with a wi-fi connection so I could amuse myself by writing about gullible foodies, boutique sardine canneries and people who eat their own pets (in cake form).

And that, my friends, is the week in Voracious--your one-stop internet shop for all the news that's fit to eat.

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