Does West Seattle Need a Veggie Restaurant?

Last week I posted a list of Seattle's top five veggie burgers, the greatest from what I could stomach of the suggested field of more than 30. The University District's Chaco Canyon Cafe topped the list with its specially-saucy lentil burger, and now news has surfaced that Chaco Canyon Cafe may be considering opening a West Seattle location at the Link, an in-progress mixed-use development in Alaska Junction.

Even better than this news is that, through our friends at the West Seattle Blog, the folks at Chaco Canyon Cafe want your opinion on whether to open in that spot, or not.

So, if you live in or near West Seattle (because that's where all the cool kids live, you know) and you'd like a creative, tasty and laid back place to indulge your veggie fantasies - or even partake in some raw or gluten-free experimentation - be sure to speak up!

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