Comment Of The Day: IHOP Pancake Stackers and Beyond

Yesterday, I mused a bit about the delicious new horror being foisted upon the dining populace by IHOP: Pancake Stackers. Basically a cheesecake squished between two hot pancakes and topped with jam, I used it as an example of the now-unstoppable "Double Down Effect" and as an opportunity to propose a few foods-jammed-inside-other-foods of my own.

What I should've done, though, was turn the inventifying over to you good folks, because no sooner had I posted my original screed than Julien came up with a great one of her own:

Would someone PLEASE hurry up and make a Twinkie filled with peanut butter, rolled in cookie crumbs and marshmallows already? I envision something like the Peanut Butter Bopper of the 80s, but with a spongy cake vessel and a warning label.

So now, dear friends, I am turning over the massive powers of the internets to you. Have you got some freakishly calorie-intensive food you've always wanted to see on a restaurant menu? Do you have a weird fetish for jamming animals inside of other animals and then cooking them? Are you one of those people who thinks that every traditional food item can be improved by the addition of bacon, sprinkles, candy or a deep-fat fryer?

Then let me know. I'm currently taking suggestions for foods worse or more horrifying than Pancake Stackers, the Double Down or the Turducklavearken (patent pending), in hopes of creating a gallery of imaginary food that desperate food scientists can turn to when the public outcry over cheesecake pancakes or fried chicken sandwiches finally dies down. And yeah, I promise that I'll share any eventual profits with you.

Except for development of the Chika-Baco-Waffler. That one is all mine.

Oh, and as for commenter Mathew? Dude, you gotta tell me what "The Wild Turbacon" is before I consider including it in the list. Because to me, that just sounds like a cocktail made with Wild Turkey and bacon fat.

Although, now that I think about it, that might just be delicious.

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