Another Gadget For Helping Me Find Tacos After Midnight

I am something of a gadget freak.

Not necessarily when it comes to computers or high-end home electronics. Certainly not when it involves building, repairing or disassembling anything. I couldn't care less about stereos or home theater installations or faster web surfing or immersive video game experiences. I don't know shit about smart phones, blu-ray players or e-readers.

No, when it comes to gadgets and technology (and the proper application of), I care about only two things. One, will said gadget speed us on our way to the inevitable robot apocalypse? And two, will said gadget make it easier for me to find bacon, cheesesteaks, sashimi or tacos when I really need them?

I've already written about my fondness for the Urbanspoon iPhone slot machine app, Yelp's "Monocle" program and the Foodspotting website. And now, there's this: website which, with a little tinkering, can be made to do my bidding with reasonable accuracy and tell me, no matter where in the city I am, what restaurants (and hardware stores, florist's shops, auto supply stores and venues of erotic entertainment) are open near me at any given hour.

The site's design is incredibly simple and spartan (owing, I'm guessing, to the creators' using it merely as a sample/proof-of-concept for their mapping and real-time taco-tracking prowess), but aesthetics aside, I still think the way they have it set up is fairly cool. In a simple search bar, you put in the food you're looking for, the neighborhood you're in and the time you need to find said food, and up pops a graph that looks like a stereo equalizer showing exactly what in the area is open at what hour offering the grub you need.

There are also maps, business listings and all manner of other database-style information, but what really got me was the elegance of the core property: being able to find a cheeseburger anywhere in Seattle at 8am or all (well, most) of the cheeseburgers still being served at two in the morning. has some glaring flaws (like in said cheeseburger search, Dick's didn't come up at all no matter how I finessed the search), but the operators admit that there are only about 5000 businesses currently in their database. That said, in terms of finding tacos? I did find Mission (in West Seattle), El Chupacabra (Phinney Ridge) and Tacos Guaymas (Green Lake) all serving 'til 2am and ready to see to my late-night needs.

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